This Date In 1954

On this date in 1954, the US Senate, led by liberal Democrat Hubert Humphrey, voted unanimously to ban communists.  Based on information from a Soviet spy, they wanted to put an end to Communist controlled labor unions. Penalty for being a communist was five years in jail.

Had the president signed it, many current senate Democrats would be spending most of their term in the Federal penitentiary.

14 Aug 1954, Page 1 – The Terre Haute Tribune at

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5 Responses to This Date In 1954

  1. GW Smith says:

    These measures always hang up on questions of intent or “willfulness” and end up being witch-hunts by mobs and corrupt judges. Just like we have today. Are you now or have you ever been a white supremacist, or have you ever thought of being one? But that has never bothered the left from trying.

  2. griff says:

    With 2012 being THE RECORD and 2019 pretty much in step with it, even without the ‘great arctic cyclone’ of 2012, don’t you think that’s a problem? Here we are 7 years later and without a storm we are neck and neck with the record?

    2019 is certainly going to come in second in extent and area even on average melt from now to minimum. SECOND LOWEST!

    There’s still a chance of a new record.

    won’t that be a problem for your ‘nothing happening here’ narrative?

    • Gator says:

      Quit lying Ms Griff.

      2012 was nowhere near a record low, as the Arctic had more ice in it than the average of the past 9000 years. You know this. We have shown it to you as nauseum. Your hatred of poor brown people is blinding you to facts, once again.

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