“Extremely Likely”

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  1. Noel Herron says:

    Tony ,I now know what these people are , Prof Dutton(known as the jolly heretic) does a wonderful explanation of this type of behaviour and why it occurs. He calls them spiteful mutants , they are maladaptives , resulting from modern medical interventions . It explains a lot , I now understand why I can no longer even try to reason with these groups. In farming we would call them culls in nature they would not survive. So just remember they are mutant maladaptives. If you get a chance watch some of his youtube content he is vey entertaining.
    They also realise the threat you pose to their narrative , hence the attacks ,so pound them , pound them.

  2. Norilsk says:

    That’s a sign of someone who’s brainwashed.

  3. spike55 says:

    Ask Betts how much money he and his mates at Exeter Uni get from the climate trough. ;-)

    Exeter Uni basically exist because of that funding.

    MANY green reason to keeping dishonesty and LIES to the forefront.

    • Scissor says:

      Betts knows well the many uncertainties and failings of climate models. For instance, clouds and water vapor feedbacks are not knowable and yet he goes on about “superficial understanding.” He basically describes himself.

    • Stephen Richards says:

      Last I heard Betts was working for the UKMO climate unit but it’s true to say that he did get a professor role of some sort with exeter.

      He has always been a strong defender of the faith oops I mean money

  4. Gator says:

    Betts is an easy read.

    ‘It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.’
    -Upton Sinclair

    He will never agree to debate you, because he knows that he will lose.

  5. billtoo says:

    I just LOVE is when climatologists call other people dunning-krugerites. he must have taken some psychology courses too.

  6. Archie says:

    Ancient Chinese saying: He who knows not and knows not that he knows not, shun him. He who knows not and knows that he knows not, teach him. He who knows and knows not that he knows is asleep, awaken him. He who knows and knows that he knows, follow him.

    It’s obvious which camp most of these CC hucksters belong in.

  7. -B- says:

    Regardless of subject the most common reply type I get when I don’t repeat what teachers and media tell the masses are insults, accusations of mental illness, and smart ass gifs without arguments. People can’t defend what authority said but those who took the time to investigate and learn and thus arrived at a different view are to be socially attacked so they conform.

    It’s such a bizarre and foreign behavior to me. I solve problems and the solution is about finding root cause, learning facts, etc. What I learned in grade school or what the media says is irrelevant when I learn it is faulty because it was partial picture or simply untrue.

  8. Al Shelton says:

    Richard Betts is the perfect example of the climate derangement syndrome.

    A very large majority of establishment academic climate scientists have succumbed to a virulent infectious disease – the CO2 Derangement Syndrome. Those afflicted by this syndrome present with a spectrum of symptoms .

    The first is an almost total inability to recognize the most obvious Millennial and 60 year emergent patterns which are trivially obvious in solar activity and global temperature data.

    Please click onto this link for the full article.


  9. KevinPaul says:

    Funny how he talks at Tony and not to him. Just Another arrogant narcissistic nobody.
    It has become obvious how the truth really draws out those who do science for the love of it and the betterment of humankind, and those who do it for financial gain and prestige.

    I bet he strutts around like a pharisee basking in the imagined adulation of the proletariat, wishing he was as famous as Mann.

  10. Michael Burns says:

    Very funny…hilarious.

    Strangely on reassessing of Dunning-Kruger — it was a fixed rig as usual with the left…it a problem with them they need to fudge the numbers to support their visceral incompetence. either not use data correctly or change it to suit the results they need so desperately to gain Tony. Its a matter of time ya see. The unpublished salivating a ticking clock, of a Pavlovian ache.

    Psychology; climate; politics… colouring. They fail miserably.

    The genetic threat of nature as it speaks internally to them from every organ and corpuscle saying in a loud clear voice mind, “Ooops, I made a big fracking mistake in making you. And, you better get something done quickly because I going to give you cancer or something like that.” Mother nature — its all about quality over quantity ya know.”

    Narcissism is truly a miscalculation of ability in these misfits and so they naval gaze on any tripe that passes through their minds and out the other side. P. K. Dick would have a field day playing with this in something titled along the lines of Tautologies vs Validities.
    Tony, it is a matter of BFLPE (Big Fish Little Pond Effect) which obstacles their ability to numeracy.


    Keep up the good fight

  11. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Maybe he can get some of his students to dig in to the data to see if there is a problem.

    While at it they could determine how much the solar modulation of clouds contributed to the temperature rise last century and how much was due to the selection of years 1906-2005.

    Here’re two useful starter sources for them:

    Butler & Johnston 1996 (see Fig 5)

    Scafetta 2010 (see Fig 10)

    Quite easy to verify the relationships in both graphs. I did it in Excel in a couple of days.

  12. Jl says:

    “Extremely likely to be misleading…”. Either it is, or it isn’t.

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