4075 Days Left For The Planet

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3 Responses to 4075 Days Left For The Planet

  1. Mark says:

    Love you stuff. Here is a conundrum for you. There are charitable organizations, qualified 501(c) 3’s, that provide carbon offsets. One of the IRS regulations for documenting charitable contributions is obtaining a receipt that acknowledges the following: no goods or services were given in exchange for this gift. So these organizations are stating there is no value to the carbon offsets.

  2. Scissor says:

    I thought about heading to Eldora but I’m guessing the traffic up the canyon would be brutal if not treacherous.


  3. rah says:

    One hell of a lot less before 11/3/2020 for the socialist democrats, their press, and the Washington establishment when a tsunami of reality brought to them by the cult of deplorables will crash down upon them. I mean last year 63 million deplorables came out to vote and next year there is no doubt there will more of us stupid, brainwashed, scum of the earth that will be voting for Trump.

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