He Needs A Gas Mask

CO2 levels have reached 408 PPM, and the press says people need breathing protection.

If you ride a train, you are inhaling 2,800 PPM CO2.

Health Alert: Excessive CO2 on Sydney Trains – OnSolution

Your car gets up to 6,000 PPM CO2.

High CO2 Levels in Your Car? | CO2Meter.com

Your house gets up close to 2,500 PPM.

Typical CO2 Levels at Home Test | CO2Meter.com

People spend many hours or days at a time indoors at CO2 levels over 1,000 PPM – but if they go outside in 408 PPM apparently they need a gas mask. I’m spending Thanksgiving weekend in Estes Park, where all that excess CO2 is burning the place up.


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18 Responses to He Needs A Gas Mask

  1. arn says:

    Hihihi-this is so funny considering that the morons writing these articles
    are doing this while sitting in their 1500ppm bureaus,
    after they left their 1000 ppm homes and drove for an hour in their 1000ppm cars.
    And after the job is finished
    they will take their 1000ppm car and drive to a fitness gym
    to run 5 miles on a treadmill(run by 1mio ppm powered plants)
    instead of some outside running.

    btw .
    I found a new favourite AGW headline.
    livescience /5/16
    “Octopuses may go blind as CLIMATE CHANGE sucks oxygen out of the oceans”
    Seems co2 gained a new level of evil.

    I wonder how those cephalopods survived 500 mio years ago :)

    • Aussie says:

      This also reminds me of a story Willie Soon told in one of his lectures.

      Al Gore used to show pictures of crabs losing their shells due to “ocean acidification”. He had simulated the acid level using hydrochloric acid and of course this attacked the shells.

      When the experiment was actually done with CO2 the crabs grew bigger and stronger shells! Al Gore had not even bothered to learn that calcium and Co2 work very well in water together.

      As Tony has pointed out before, the oceans were full of hard shelled creatures at CO2 levels many many times what we have now. Just another example of cherry picking and junk science we have become all too accustomed to from the warmists…

  2. RickG says:

    As a retired submarine officer I find all this agonizing over carbon dioxide exposure to be very entertaining. The atmosphere control limit on US submarines for carbon dioxide is much higher than 400 ppm. That limit is neither arbitrary nor set at at level that hazards Sailors. The US Naval Medical Research Laboratory and others have done numerous studies on the physiological effects of various gases.

    A recent study (https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/epdf/10.1002/bdr2.1417) determined the No Observed Adverse Effect Level (NOAEL) of carbon dioxide to be
    2.5%. Expressed in parts per million (ppm) that is 25,000 ppm.

    The study also determined a 90-day continuous exposure level (CEL) of 0.8%. “An interspecies uncertainty factor was applied to derive a recommended
    90-day continuous exposure limit (CEL) of 0.8% for CO2.”

    Expressed as ppm that is 8000 ppm.

    So, everyone who was worried about their personal exposure to the much-maligned ‘atmosphere contaminant’ (aka life-giving plant food) carbon dioxide can relax and take as many deep breaths as you want!

    Until you inevitably start hyperventilating about some other supposed horrible outcome caused by carbon dioxide.

  3. Dave N says:

    “…the press says people need breathing protection.”

    Which links in particular are saying that? Just want a reference or two so I can show alarmist acquaintances.

    • Jonathan Ranes says:

      India times has a picture of a guy with a breathing mask on next to the article.

      Let me google that for you/s

      • Robertv says:

        And what would be the level of CO2 under a breathing mask if everytime we breathe out it’s 40,000 ppm ?

        • Les Phillips says:

          Blimey, Yes!!! Good point!

        • D. Boss says:

          The perhaps 50 cc of airspace between the nose and mask as compared to 4-6 liters of lung capacity means you leave 1% of the exhaled air in that space between face and mask… (in other words your next inhale comprises only 1% of the exhausted CO2 from your last exhale)

          As such, you are inhaling approximately 800 ppm CO2 with a paper mask.

          However one can argue the mouth, nasal cavities, and bronchial passages are more than 50 cc, so even without a mask, you are routinely inhaling a percentage of your last exhaled CO2 quantity!!! (it’s called anatomical dead space, and is 2 cc/kg of body weight on average) (so an adult weighing 72 kg has 144 cc of dead space in airways)

          End result is without a mask, a healthy adult on average inhales about 1000 to 1200 ppm of CO2 (when atmosphere is at 400 ppm), because of the dead space in your airways. (dead space meaning not exchanging O2 and CO2)

          Furthermore unless you wear a full face respirator, fitted with lithium hydroxide canisters – no breathing mask will remove CO2.

          Ignorance of the media and people in general is astounding. God must love stupid people, as he made so many…. (actually no higher power was involved, we made the masses stupid with inadequate education systems)

  4. RonnyLee says:

    The tabloid press sanctimoniously demands respect, claims to be under attack, and then puts out this type of nonsensical, fear mongering drivel.

    This is the equivalent of locking the exit doors, then yelling “FIRE!” in a theater full of gullible pyrophobes.

  5. John F. Hultquist says:

    CO2 may be a proxy for air quality in a city, but why not measure those chemicals that can be an issue?
    Germs? Pity the teachers of a class of 20 children!

    Even at 6,000 ppm nothing much is going to happen, although even when I travel alone I open widows to get fresh air. I likely would not do that near a big diesel bus.
    Most of my travel is in the Cascade Mountains.

    “commuters . . . drained and exhausted …” as they get closer to their place of work.
    Likely nothing to do with air quality. Maybe they are not a good fit to the job. I’ll write a proposal.

  6. Al Shelton says:

    How about submarines?
    This from Google… “Data collected on nine nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines indicate an average CO2 concentration of 3,500 ppm with a range of 0-10,600 ppm, and data collected on 10 nuclear-powered attack submarines indicate an average CO2 concentration of 4,100 ppm with a range of 300-11,300 ppm,” according to a 2007 study.”

  7. Bob Hoye says:

    Vancouver is not a cold place but we have to have the heat on during the day.
    And the forecast for later in the week is for -6C, the coldest so far this year.
    If our indoor air is at 3,000 to 6,000 ppm of CO2, why should I have to have any heating at all?
    Perhaps a “warmist” could explain?

  8. vanisle500 says:

    Exhaled breath contains about 4% CO2 which is 40,000 ppm! We better not hold our breath for fear of CO2 poisoning!

  9. czechlist says:

    Movie theater, concert hall, classroom, central jury room…
    dozens, if not hundreds, exhaling massive amounts of CO2 in confined spaces! How do we survive? Close those dangerous venues now!
    Greta would be in a fog in those spaces

  10. Logic n reason says:

    Of course,they don’t publish the figures as a percentage. 400ppm sounds scary but 0.04% as a figure doesn’t quite have the same note of alarm. Especially when water vapour is a massive 2%. Now cutting particle and chemical pollution is completely the right thing to do. Nitrous oxide and sulphur pollution are major causes of lung problems……BUT NOT CARBON DIOXIDE!!

  11. Gator says:

    Always worth a review, and now is as good a time as any…

    CO2 Concentrations and Effects

    150 ppm – the minimum concentration below which many plants may face problems to run photosynthesis and stop growing

    180 ppm – the concentration during ice ages

    280 ppm – the concentration during interglacials, i.e. also the pre-industrial concentration around 1750

    391 ppm – the concentration today

    500 ppm – the concentration around 2060-2070 (unlikely that before 2050 as they claim)

    560 ppm – the concentration around 2080-2110 (the “doubled CO2” relatively to the pre-industrial values) relevant for the calculations of climate sensitivity); a concentration routinely found outdoors today

    700 ppm – the concentration in an average living room

    900 ppm – concentration in an average kitchen

    1,270 ppm – the concentration used to double the growth of Cowpea in a famous video

    1,700 ppm – the average concentration in the Cretaceous 145-65 million years ago (early mammals came, plus figs, magnolias, birds, modern sharks)

    4,500 ppm – the concentration 444-416 million years ago (the Silurian dominated by corals and mosses); see other values in geological epochs

    10,000 ppm – sensitive people start to feel weaker

    40,000 ppm – the concentration of CO2 in the air we breath out

    50,000 ppm – toxic levels at which the animals like us get weaker in hours; the value is 5 percent of the volume

    180,000 ppm – the concentration of CO2 in exhausts of a healthy motor; that’s 18 percent

    1,000,000 ppm – pure CO2, just to make sure you know what the units are

  12. CC gets more bizarre by the day. Something has to give very soon. Thanks for your continuous work Tony.

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