He Needs A Gas Mask

CO2 levels have reached 408 PPM, and the press says people need breathing protection.

If you ride a train, you are inhaling 2,800 PPM CO2.

Health Alert: Excessive CO2 on Sydney Trains – OnSolution

Your car gets up to 6,000 PPM CO2.

High CO2 Levels in Your Car? | CO2Meter.com

Your house gets up close to 2,500 PPM.

Typical CO2 Levels at Home Test | CO2Meter.com

People spend many hours or days at a time indoors at CO2 levels over 1,000 PPM – but if they go outside in 408 PPM apparently they need a gas mask. I’m spending Thanksgiving weekend in Estes Park, where all that excess CO2 is burning the place up.


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