Snowiest Day On Record?

The snowiest day on record in Boulder is 22 inches.  We are getting close to that.

We are now up to 19 inches, three inches short of the record.

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11 Responses to Snowiest Day On Record?

  1. Frank K. says:

    Wow! That’s a lot of snow, even for us here in New England! Stay safe.

  2. Lance says:

    Think of the children….they just won’t know what a warm sunny day is. It could be a rare and exciting day though!

  3. Norilsk says:

    It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

  4. Guest says:

    Tony, will you do a video on the alleged melting ice cellars used by the First Nations peoples in Alaska (& I assume Canada)?

    Here is the link to an article discussing it.

  5. Anon says:

    This will be in the New York Times tomorrow as:

    Colorado forecasted to have largest Spring snow melt on record as temperatures rise!!!

  6. G W Smith says:

    Beautiful! To be indoors by the fire.

  7. rah says:

    65 mph winds forecast for us tonight here in central Indiana. Up on I-80 in Wyoming truckers are stranded with high winds and blowing snow . Lots more will be stuck from this powerful front down from Utah and down through the rocky mountains today. When I was doing a lot of coast to coast I preferred I-40 during the winter going in or out of California. At not place on I-40 are you required to chain up and it runs in well north of LA with generally less traffic, This trucker is quite content that when I got back in today at 16:00 for a run I was called on to do at 01:00 Monday morning I was told there were three guarantee drivers in front of me so there is a good chance I won’t be called to run early tomorrow morning after my 10 hour break. I was allowed to put in for either Thanksgiving or Christmas off. I chose Christmas. Then the first two week of January will be spent in Florida. Come February I will pay for it all when I get called to run a lot of runs to Canada because that it when all the Canadian owner operators take their vacations and go back to the their home countries for a a couple of weeks.

  8. rah says:

    I’m sure you can work in some for the Nut Cracker Suite before we get to Christmas! Love it! When I was seven years old I played it on a plastic single speaker turn table/record player in my bedroom. I have always been an early riser and I would drive Mom & Dad nuts at 5:00 AM when I put it on.

  9. Bob Hoye says:

    Ah–yes–heavy snow.
    One of the last professional jobs I had as a geologist was at the southern end of Buttle Lake in the middle of Vancouver Island.
    The other alternative was up at the Endako Mine–MoS2–in northern BC where it was really cold.
    Our geologist’s “shack” was at the south end of the lake in a quiet bay.
    Which in that February was clear of ice.
    And then it started to snow. It snowed so hard and so fast that with no wind it built a slush on the lake surface.
    And then accumulated at least a foot of snow on top of the water.
    I was there looking out the window, doing ore reserve calculations.

  10. A mere 22 inches? The fact that you are not buried under 30 feet of snow just yet clearly shows that we have to return to the healthy lifestyle of the stone age immediately to avert the danger of the weather becoming too balmy sometime in the next century.

  11. rah says:

    OT: The sun is going through a pretty interesting spotless spell. It went 21 days spotless then a small sunspot that was declared the first of the new cycle (25) appeared and since then we have now gone 25 days spotless. The “All Quiet” alert from the SIDC remains in effect and the solar activity for this minimum remains below both the SC and CM projections.

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