Hiking The Appalachian Trail

I’m in Washington DC for a few days, and spent yesterday morning hiking on the Appalachian Trail near Purcellville, Virginia.

This building at White’s Ferry, Maryland shows the high water mark for some recent floods on the Potomac.

That part of Virginia is home to a future rock star of weather and climate, whom I had the pleasure to meet yesterday – Chris Maartz.  You can follow him on Twitter  @ChrisMartzWX

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  1. Rod Sellers says:

    Love your work and tenacity Tony. I’m in a debate regarding forest fires particularly the ones right now in California. Your video of approximately 2 months ago “ The climate profits have spoken” at the 3:50 mark you use a chart of forest fire history but only reference Jan to Aug23 for the years of historic data. Why not the entire year, as many significant fires occur in the fall? Thank you for trying keep some sanity in this debate.

  2. ExNOAAman says:

    The first time I stood under those high water marks I found it mesmerizing. The June 72 was TS Agnes. The Jan 96 was the meltdown from the blizzard of 96 plus heavy rain.
    We used to paddle and fish there before my body gave out.
    Don’t forget the great Gen Jubal Early, for whom the ferry is named

  3. Louis J Hooffstetter says:

    Happy Trails!

  4. Gummans Gubbe says:

    We used to have severe floods like that in Norway to. But hydroelectric dams solved most of it.

    But of course, some environmentalists believed the dams made the floods larger.

  5. Jeff says:

    Chris Martz Weather
    449 subscribers
    Check him out on YouTube if you have been kicked off Twitter!

  6. jb says:

    Always perform a tick check after hiking in Virginia — even in this cooler weather.
    Ticks are rampant on the AT in VA.

  7. Looks like you picked the right time of year to see some fall colors. Nice photos. Also good to see a youngster ready to follow in your foot steps. We need more like him.

    • Hi Tony! It was great meeting you and having a productive climate discussion. Hopefully, you will come back for a visit again soon, and we can have lunch again. It wa also ice meeting your friends. I’m working on trying to contact Twitter to get your account restored properly before 6 days from now. We have your back. Keep up the great work!

      – Chris

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