This Week In 1938

This week in 1938, massive forest fires were burning up movie stars homes in California – and Britain was hit by 108 MPH winds which killed more than a dozen people. The Coast Guard was rescuing climate refugees who fled into the ocean to escape the flames.

24 Nov 1938, 3 – The Knoxville News-Sentinel at

24 Nov 1938, 1 – News-Pilot at

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3 Responses to This Week In 1938

  1. Michael Spencer says:

    I was born exactly at this time in north-west New South Wales. I recall my mother telling me that it was 117F – late Spring in the Southern Hemisphere. (No air-conditioning then!)

    But according to the climate alarmists that could not be. (So obviously your cited newspaper articles must surely be forgeries created by 21st Century ‘Climate Deniers’! They can’t possibly be true: Nobel Laureate Al. only speaks the truth you know ….)

    I think this is relevant perhaps:

  2. Rod says:

    Just more proof that those who are “ignorant of history are doomed [to think that it has never happened before and couldn’t have happened]”. Ok, so this is my own variation on the quote but it seems appropriate. I’m always stunned at the ignorance of people about their own history and how, particularly with the young (e.g., Greta), they think that their experiences are unlike any that have ever happened before.

  3. philip horner says:

    13000 years ago huge lakes 100’s of feet deep populated the now arid West. Native Americans fished with cottonwood nets the shores.

    There is complete ignorance of this fact by the left.

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