Why Climate Science Is Broken

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  1. Tyrannosaurus Rex says:

    I know this is outta subject, Tony, but in your population video, a commenter of yours accused Bill Gates on the act. This is of course using vaccines for Africans, but that’s nothing but a big fat lie. He wasn’t out to depopulate those people but to decrease child mortality. It lifts parents from the burden of making more kids to compensate the lost. Though I think vaccines are a little oversold, they’re still a great invention. If we want to take climate change back from the liars, we have to rid anti vaxxers from our ranks.

  2. 1muzzy says:

    Tony- I could not find this video on YouTube. Censored?

  3. Ed Bo says:

    For anyone who hasn’t read it already, I strongly recommend Bernie Lewin’s book “Searching for the Catastrophe Signal”. It goes into great detail about the founding of the IPCC, when the scientific community as a whole was still pretty honest about the uncertainties, but the politicians from the developing world immediately seized on the issue as just another justification for financial transfers from the rich world.

    It wasn’t long before the scientific community caved, with many honest scientists leaving the field, and many others afraid to voice their doubts. I expect this history will be part of Tony’s upcoming videos.

    • Tyrannosaurus Rex says:

      Do you really have any evidence for this? It just seems to me we westerners are re-establishing our economic dominance by having everyone else toil for our goods. At the risk of inappropriateness, especially since it can be argued that it was predecessor to the Holocaust and Gulags, have you ever heard of the Congo “Free” State?

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