New Video : Erasing The Record Heat Of 1913

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10 Responses to New Video : Erasing The Record Heat Of 1913

  1. G W Smith says:

    Yes, why ARE people so dishonest? I ask myself this everyday. Fear of what?

  2. rah says:

    Spot on Tony as usual. They are trying to claim that the observer at Greenland Ranch at the time out as an unreliable nut case. The record however shows the man was consistent and his recordings right in line with what other stations were showing at the time.

    There was no reason for anyone inflating that temperature. The owner of the Greenland Ranch had dreams of making it into a desert resort! He was also the owner of the nearby Borax mines. Showing higher than actual temperatures at that location would be counter to his ambitions.

    Now the location of the station is known as Furnace Creek and is surrounded by asphalt parking lots, a solar panel, and an A/C unit. And still they can’t get the station to break the old record!

  3. Aussie says:

    Thanks Tony, the BOM here in Australia is similarly keen to hide the past. As you know, Craig Kelly went himself to the archives in Chester Hill NSW and actually found more high temperature records, which were unpublished by the BOM, in the early years of the 20th century.

    What is profoundly disturbing is that Craig Kelly, myself and others who try to highlight this blatant tampering are not thanked for pointing out the truth, but are instead insulted, silenced or just not even reported on.

    All my posts on the Sydney Morning Herald website related to renewable energy, climate change and the virus are NEVER put up, especially when they expose the frequent lies in these areas. When one reads the comments they are wall to wall delusions from the fact challenged and politically correct – presenting a totally fraudulent picture of agreement with false facts.

    Fortunately the Australian allows all comers provided they adhere to certain guidelines. But it is by far the exception. And note that Yahoo has now turned off comments, as it was becoming a regular occurrence to read an article but then find in the comments section clear evidence that the journalist was either totally clueless, or politically motivated to only present the Leftist side of an argument.

    Keep up your great work on exposing this. It is no accident that the lurch Leftwards in politics and the media is cooinciding with a preference to tamper with or deliberately misrepresent the truth.

  4. DCA says:

    Adjustment of the temperature record is how they Hide The Decline.

    (BTW, there is a similar effort going on right now to Hide The Decline of Joe Biden. Frankly, what is being done to the poor guy is elder abuse. Isn’t Jill Biden a doctor? Why doesn’t she put a stop to this?)

  5. Peter Allard says:

    Dear Mr Heller,

    Where are the real data bases for population as you can assume everything is a lie for manipulation

    Dear Peter

    I did a reality check on the world population as Gene indicated last week that the population was around 4.3 billion.
    Another blog indicated that the UN and CIA always use the mid curve on their increase estimates for world population for the last twenty years when it has not even hit the their lowest trends.
    My first draft using the 10 largest cities in most countries and 20 or 30 largest cities in some of the biggest Countries like India and China and Brazil. China has close to 100 cities over a million and ten of them have over 10 million.
    China is becoming quite urbanized o that over 60 percent live in large towns or cities. India is less urbanized at between 35 and 40 percent and they have 47 cities over a million.
    The trend is becoming more urbanized so that by 2050 almost 68 to 70 percent will be in large urban communities.

    One of the bloggers did not believe anything the politicians or the UN puts out and indicated that one should take the ten largest cities in every country and then double it for less urban and rural residents.
    I used the 20 largest cities in China, India, Brazil, UK, France, Canada, Russia, and Japan . If you double the population for all the cities I could only get 1.663 billion and if you double it its still only 3.3 billion.

    There is a lot of variability but I assume that the UN and CIA do estimates and they want to see things growing for their narratives but I do not think it is reality. All the countries fertility rates are declining and have declined dramatically over the last 40 years. I don’t know how China can recover as the one child policy damaged them. They will never get back much past one as the people are used to it. It reminds me of the story of one female tour
    Guide who was getting married to another tour guide in the late 20’s and they not only have to look after their mothers and fathers but also their grandparents on both side of the family and her mother said she would only look after one child as they are too much work.
    I suspect that the numbers are fudged everywhere as someone is making money. The reality is we are probably in a decline and maybe a steep decline and the economics do not make sense any more.

    Any way I might work on it some more and see if I can understand the great disparity in numbers which I cant seem to make work with their estimates and projections.


  6. Janet Marshall says:

    I came across this and wondered if anyone can explain it. Note the dates. There may be some simple explanation but it is evading me at present:

  7. Walter L. Wagner says:

    these hot peaks appear cyclical.
    1913 to 1936 = 13 years
    1936 to 1955 = 19 years
    1955 to 1980 = 15 years

    looks like we skipped the next two cycles, though. global cooling?

  8. Scott K Jonas says:

    I just saw a CBS affiliate weather report for the southwwest that said the recent hot weather was the hottest since reliable records started being recorded. They subtly inlcuded that word “reliable” which infers that the previous recorded highs are unreliable. They didn’t give a date of course for when records supposedly started becoming reliable. And of course they couldn’t help themselves and just had to talk about how “climate change” is causing the “record” heat.

  9. Disillusioned says:

    Erasing temperatures from the past seems to work. I can’t feel any of them. ;-)

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