3,560 Days Left For The Planet

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  1. If our political paymasters fall for such rubbish as AGW, perhaps the time is ripe to dust off all those proposals for zero point energy, cold fusion, perpetual motion machines, reactionless drives and similar crankery. They have so much wool between their ears it is evidently a simple matter to pull some down over their eyes. A study in a legitimate subject is in danger of finding a solution, at which point the funding stops. But get funding for something which is inherently impossible, and you are on the gravy train forever. In any case, why should we give a sucker an even break?

  2. Richard says:

    Global Crisis / Emergency is all about $$$$$$$$$

    In all, Mr. Obama and George W. Bush before him spent some $100 billion on giveaways to wind and solar power producers, electric cars, and for weatherizing homes and buildings. It was arguably one of the largest corporate welfare experiments in American history enriching an industry and its investors. Most of this money went for research to speed up commercial applications of green energy or was pipelined directly into bank accounts of individual companies.
    The most infamous of these was, of course, Solyndra, the solar energy company that received $530 million of taxpayer handouts and was touted many times by President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden as the next big thing in green energy. It never produced any energy to speak of before it went bankrupt.

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