March US Deaths Lowest In At Least Four Years

As part of the ongoing unprecedented health crisis in the US which requires that everyone stay home, wear masks and get injected with something, US deaths last month were well below normal and the lowest in at least four years.

Excess Deaths Associated with COVID-19

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12 Responses to March US Deaths Lowest In At Least Four Years

  1. ChrisC says:

    This isn’t that surprising… Given the average age and health of the average COVID victim, all the pandemic did was accelerate a few hundred thousand deaths by a few months to a few years. We should see below average death rates for a while.

  2. Guilherme Gomes says:

    The number of total deaths in Brazil is the same as 2019! This can be confirmed. The only way to appear covid deaths is suppress other diseases.

    • Richard says:

      Brazilian authorities on Tuesday reported nearly 4,200 covid-19 deaths — the country’s highest daily death toll since the pandemic began. The raging outbreak has been fueled by the virulent P.1 variant, and now scientists there say they have identified Brazil’s first case involving a similar, more transmissible variant discovered in South Africa.

      Because of the rising number of infections and deaths, officials in Brazil’s most-populous city, Sao Paulo, say they are now adding 600 new graves to municipal cemeteries each day

      Actually that is not true- my friend and old boss has been back in Brazil since first week of March and the hospitals are full and people are literally dying in the streets
      Brazil’s President doesn’t believe in Vaccines – but he & his mommy both got the first shots in the country

      • Guilherme Gomes says:

        Full hospitals in Brazil! In 2019 too! The total death toll is what matters. As number is equal to 2019, the sum does not match! Are the tests true?

  3. Scissor says:

    There’s a pretty long lag time in their compiling and including all of the data. So, the end always appears to drop off more than it actually does in reality. It’s difficult to fudge the death numbers, so it’ll be interesting to see what this looks like in a month or two.

    • Guilherme Gomes says:

      The number may not be accurate, but it is now more than before. In Brazil, due climate and the fact that city halls do not have refrigerators, almost all burials are done the other day after the death; burial guides are issued and controlled. I have relatives, friends, friends of friends, people who think like me and live in different cities and we found nothing abnormal. See that the city of Manaus has disappeared from the news. Just politics!

  4. arn says:

    When people like Killer Cuomo are no longer allowed to target the old
    covid becomes as much of a threat as AGW.
    But i’m sure with some data adjustments by experts,and ‘mutations’ straight from wuhan high security biolabs the elites will eventually reach the desired bodycount.

  5. Robert Rust says:

    It was scientifically (indisputably) proven in 1870 and earlier by biologist Antoine Bechamp and his associates using careful, detailed, thorough, cross-examined biological experiments and observations that so-called “disease-causing” agencies/microorganisms do not exist, that a living body (organism) creates its own bacteria, yeast, mould, fungi, Dna/Rna debris (falsely called “viruses”), and “germs” (microzymas) as a means to overcome excess accumulation of internal metabolic waste, be the excess-waste created by injury, poisoning, or over exertion of the metabolism of the organism by false life habits.

    Further research in the 1900’s to current times has provided further proof, as if more was needed, that so-called “viruses” do not exist, that they are merely spent and excess waste-eliminating Dna/Rna particles produced by the cells of the body to maintain the internal cleanliness of the body, allowing the body to act normally, called health.

    It has been proven time and again that acute disease, such as colds, flus and other so-called “infectious” disease, is the detoxification of the body under stressed circumstances, a situation in which the body has become overly burdened with usually acidic, metabolic waste and begins to act abnormally, experienced as discomfort, or dis-ease, not-at-ease. Health is at-ease, the body working normally because its tissues and fluids are chemically balanced, not polluted in excess acidic waste.

    A person is free to study true biology as presented by Antoine Bechamp and others continuing his work, e.g., Natural Hygienists, and by that they can come to understand that Medicine is a profit-seeking Middle Ages-sprung superstition-based practice that uses and abuses chemistry to chase evil, invisible spirits (unpleasant behaviour) from the body, and that it is not biology. Likewise, Modern Biology is not biology, it is chemistry, not distinguishing the chemistry of living matter from dead matter, and acting as a servant/hired gun/mercenary/prostitute for the Medical/Pharmaceutical industry.

    One sees that a self-serving, inbreeding, world mafia family clan runs and controls modern humanity and that Modern Civilization is its profit-making business. There is no such thing as a “virus”, it is a falsehood and always has been, and the false idea is used as means by unscrupulous individuals and groups to create easy money (profit) for themselves at the expense of humanity’s health and life.

    Vaccines are filled with poisons such as formaldehyde and aluminum adjuvants to make them more toxic. The body’s symptomatic reaction to these toxins is called “increased immunity” by lie- and confusion-spreading Medince/Pharma/ModBiol. To take vaccines and other poisons, euphemistically called drugs, medication, pills, curatives, and such by Medicine/Pharma, is to poison oneself, threatening one’s life and sometimes doing great harm to or ending one’s life, called “side effects”. In truth, these are merely further poison effects of the poisons/drugs pushed and sold by drug-dealing Med/Pharma.

    Medicine plays with symptoms, using drugs/poisons to force the body into different symptoms behaviour and calling that a “cure”. Medicine is a poisoning industry; it has no idea what health or disease truly represent and, by that, proves that it has no idea what Life is.

    Life is Dna, a highly complex, structured, chemical, enzyme particle that can not only maintain itself in the endless chemical reactions it incites and controls, as all enzymes do, but also uses the products of these reactions to reproduce copies of itself, building chemical structures, called bodies, around itself as it does so. All organisms, bacteria-size to elephant-size are Dna bodies.

    The elite parasite cult clan, 15 million strong, 30 million including its acceptance-providing commoner level, owns, runs and controls all institutions (gov, media, entertainment, banking, education, industry, corps, arts, science, etc) of Mod Civ, modern humanity is its wage-slave consumer and has no ability to change its master’s ways, its life now dependent on its master’s profit-based Mod Civilization industry which got its start 6000 years ago by the inbreeding, intra-competing, world-trading, lie-and confusion-spreading, warmongering Phoenicians of the coastal Levant.

    • Scissor says:

      Viruses can be cultured from a few virions. As they grow in number they can be imaged with electron microscopy and characterized by several techniques, including DNA sequencing.

      Further, a very few virions, a minuscule amount in fact, can be injected into a test subject, inducing disease and even death. From various fluids, virions can be isolated and found to have increased greatly in number. Some of these can be sequenced and analyzed in various ways. They in fact, multiply by biological means.

      How do you explain this? How do you explain that variolation, e.g., using cowpox puss, conferred protection to the more deadly smallpox, which has been known for hundreds of years?

    • Brian Jakobsen says:

      Excellent comment!

  6. An Inquirer says:

    I often think that Tony Heller has insightful graphs. Unfortunately, this graph is not the case. There is a lag before all deaths are compiled into this graph. The last three columns in the graph will rise as the death count is completed.

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