Too Many Polar Bears

“There are more polar bears than expected, expedition leader Jan Belgers told the broadcaster.”

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4 Responses to Too Many Polar Bears

  1. Windsong says:

    Great minds think alike. Dr. Susan Crockford has a post on her blog today discussing the ice conditions in the various Seas surrounding the Arctic. Early in the article she mentions the fact polar bears do not eat much during the summer. Too little ice, bears are stuck on shore, like Spitsbergen. Too much ice, like in the eastern Beaufort Sea today, the bears favorite snack items cannot get through. Frozen out, so to speak.

  2. Latin name of polar bear – ursus maritimus – bear of the sea.

  3. James says:

    Tony, can you have a look at the article just published in Nature titled, “Coupled Stratosphere-troposphere-Atlantic multidecadal oscillation and its importance for near-future climate projection” by Omrani et al and interpret it? It seems to posit an explanation for “climate change” that is independent of CO2-causation — and I believe it suggests a multi-year cooling trend is just ahead. However, it’s extremely technical and difficult to for people like me to decipher. Thanks very much for your much-needed work.

  4. Adam says:

    I had read an article stating the polar bear population was growing so well and so many polar bears now that they were having to start culling them before they starve or become a real danger to populated areas looking for food

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