Man-Made Warming

A small group of humans at government agencies are responsible for all US warming.

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6 Responses to Man-Made Warming

  1. Mac says:

    Is this what Michael Mann and the rest of the grotesque climate/money cult calls “cherry picking”? So, all the temperature data from the last 15 or 20 years is totally phony, which I believe fully, and yet these people keep ramping up their claims of global climate apocalypse, year after year. Nothing ever happens, of course, but that’s the way religious cults are.

    What I would be interested in knowing, frankly, is how many climate hysterics and “scientists” are not leftist globalists. I bet there isn’t even one libertarian or conservative in the entire cult.

    • Disillusioned says:


      The Climate Scam has also been instrumental in putting some of us who used to be moderates and liberals, left of center, over on the right. I know I moved somewhat to the right. But it was the Left who really moved – radically to the left – and that move brought many moderates and liberals with them down into their Marxo-fascist rabbit hole. Consequently, their radical move leftward also helped to wake some of us out of a stupor of ignorance as to their true nature.

      • Mac says:

        Absolutely. I was a Democrat for decades. I have a degree in science, and when the left went all in on the idiotic climate nonsense, I gave up. As we all know, climate change/global warming is a radical leftist political movement, and has nothing to do with science. So, like you, I don’t feel that I changed at all. They left just became extremist revolutonaries who are hell bent on destroying capitalism and western civlization.

        • Mike says:

          These Leaders of AGW just want power & control. THAT is their main reason for lying…if you remember that FACT…than you know how to fight them.

  2. conrad ziefle says:

    Wait a second! Did you mean “Mann Made Warming”?

  3. Nial Stewart says:

    Tony, is there an easy way for you to add buttons so your posts can be easily shared on social media?

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