National Climate Heatwave Fakery

The National Climate Assessment predicts “Ten more days above 95F each year in the Midwest”  The actual trend is downwards



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4 Responses to National Climate Heatwave Fakery

  1. Disillusioned says:

    I guess we should be prepared for a second (or will it be the third) year in a row of intentionally blood-red painted weather maps. As blatant as it is for those of us who follow it with open eyes, I am hoping – as Gordon believes is already happening – that a critical mass of the public will begin to see through the Global Warming™ sham.

    • arn says:

      As I said some years ago – the closer we get to (agenda ) 2030,
      the hotter the planet will become officially , even if the planet is covered in ice.

      They need such a kind of narrative to push their radical agendas, grab global control and abandon state structures and transform societies.

      Btw – 10 more days above 95 degrees each year will become really interesting after 37 years.

    • My conjecture is that propaganda could be characterized as a cusp catastrophe. Initially the narrative induces fear, which coupled with technical ignorance, suppresses rational thought and the number of believers increases. Eventually, the claims become so ridiculous that the hoax is exposed, and further desperate hyperbole becomes counter-productive, and the more it is promoted, the fewer will believe it and the former faithful will fall away. We see this with the demonization of Trump, it has reached such a level that his popularity increases with increasing mud-slinging. In totalitarian states, propaganda must be reinforced with gulags and censorship of dissidents, to maintain the narrative beyond the tipping point. The destruction of agriculture in the name of methane appears to be the final straw, so now there are calls for suppression of ‘msinformation’, which is the clearest indication that the tipping point has been reached. Further climate hysteria from now on will merely destroy the reputations of the ‘experts’ in the eyes of the public, and the numbers of faithful will dwindle rapidly.

      • Disillusioned says:

        Gordon, I really do hope you are right.

        I have thought about this. Because there seems to be no limit to stupidity and gullibility of sheeple, my concern has been that the Cabal with their 24/7 megaphone is/will be so ubiquitous or omnipresent to convince enough of the public that the destruction of agriculture and their economies was the result of Climate Change. The one-world-government elite are playing this game for all the marbles.

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