Real Time Climate Fakery

I used to have to do a little work to expose climate lies from the press and academics, but they have gotten so ridiculous I can put these videos together now in a few minutes.

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  1. Eeva Rislakki says:

    Thank you so much for all your YouTube videos and research on climate. I have followed this ongoing global warming lunacy since late 1980’s, and have always wondered why most people have fallen for this huge, worldwide hoax. I live in Finland, and for about four, five years now our winter’s have progressively changed towards colder temperatures after a few milder years (completely natural in Northern hemisphere). Currently we have a very cold winter, which started mid-October, 2 months early. Yet, despite this very clear trend, most people still believe the lies that the Earth is warming; or rather, boiling, as of course the Earth has warmed, moderately, just not catastrophically. Our politicians have wrecked our reliable energy system by getting rid of coal and peat, and favoring wind, although fortunately our nuclear plants are still, and will stay in operation. Is there any way you could make your work, especially the data tampering parts, to reach a much wider audience? I fear that if the voice of sanity doesn’t start filtering through to people who have been lied to, there’s going to be a lot of trouble in the future. Some researcher’s I’ve listened to, R.Lindzen, Will Happer, J. Curry, V. Zahakova and many others, have all presented well researched and convincing facts, compared to the alarmists, who just spew propaganda. Is there any way the voice of realism could be made louder? One person can’t do much, a crowd might get through. Thank you again, keep up the good work, best wishes, Eeva Rislakki, B.Sc., M.Phil. in Marine Biology

    • conrad ziefle says:

      Humans are spotty on being logical unless the schools teach them to be disciplined and unemotional in their thinking. These days, they don’t, hence they don’t.

    • Disillusioned says:

      I enjoyed reading your comments. Dick Lindzen and Will Happer were two of the first scientists I read and listened to early on at the beginning of my disillusionment. I even had an email exchange with Dr. Lindzen – a brilliant mind!

      There was a time when seriously considered becoming a marine biologist. As a child, we had a 10-gallon guppy and molly tank in our bedroom; I loved watching the live birth by those live bearers. (We had a beagle who gave birth to pups – and white mice also – miracles of life which were totally mesmerizing for this child to witness.)

      As a child, my favorite TV show was Flipper. I dreamed of swimming underwater without needing to up for air. So in my 20s I took up scuba diving – loved it! I had at least one fish aquarium in each room of my small house by that time, and my largest tank was a 110 gallon highboy. Those avocations satiated me and I lost interest in taking up marine biology as a discipline. Very fond memories.

  2. Love the Fatt Tire Bike !!

  3. “Snowpack levels across Epic Pass are currently 163% of normal.”

    Snow Pack and Snow Cover is so easy to calculate .. yet .. they lie about it!!

  4. Nick Ronalds says:

    Thanks for all your good work. To get a clear image of the Rutgers graph I looked on their site but could only find one titled “Annual Mean Northern Hemisphere Snow Extent” and it did show a declining trend since the 60s.
    What explains the difference between that and the chart in your video? Thanks.

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