Met Office : Scottish Skiing Doomed

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Webcams from ski resorts in Great Britain

In 2009, The Met Office told us that skiing in Scotland is doomed

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Alex Hill, chief government advisor with the Met Office, said the amount of snow in the Scottish mountains had been decreasing for the last 40 years and there was no reason for the decline to stop.

He added: “Put it this way, I will not be investing in the ski-ing industry.

Scottish ski industry could disappear due to global warming, warns Met Office – Telegraph

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10 Responses to Met Office : Scottish Skiing Doomed

  1. Billy Liar says:

    I liken Scottish skiing to skiing at some Tahoe resorts. There’s either so much snow it closes the roads or when there’s none on the roads there’s none on the slopes either. (The views and the casinos in Scotland are not quite on a par)

  2. In other words, it is all downhill from here for the skiing industry?

  3. I won’t be listening to what climate scientists tell me what I should be investing in. (And presumably if they had money they wouldn’t be climate scientists anyway.)

  4. Hugh K says:

    He [Met Office’s chief advisor to government in Scotland and Northern Ireland Alex Hill] added: “Put it this way, I will not be investing in the ski-ing industry.”

    Took a hit on that stock advice this year didn’t we Mr. Hill? Yet alarmists would have us believe the Met’s chief advisor to government in Scotland and Northern Ireland, Mr Hill, when he advises government to invest other’s money to combat supposed CAGW ‘climate change’.

  5. Stephen Richards says:

    If I remember right alex hill is scotish.

  6. eqibno says:

    Are you sure that the quote wasn’t that they were “domed” …. as in “do me”? 😉

  7. Andy DC says:

    The last several years have provided ample snow and long ski seasons for Scotland and most other ski resorts around the world.

  8. ducdorleans says:

    I was in Gleneagles last year, around 1st May holiday …
    sun during the day, rain turning to snow on the hilltops at night …
    golf with snow in the background … 🙂

  9. Scott says:

    I believe the scientists are correct! Snow no longer belongs in Scotland. I’ve been a Scottish snowboarder for the past 6 years and can tell you good snow conditions are becoming a rarity. With the arrival of milder temperatures or rain the conditions can change in a day.

    You may recently notice that good ski/snowboard conditions are now headline news in Scotland. This just isn’t the case abroad i.e. the Alps or Pyrenees.

    Research suggests Scotland will become wetter and warmer so if you want my advice abandon hope in the Scottish snow resorts and head abroad or you’ll never experience a perfect day on the slopes!

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