Worse Than Was Predicted

The new normal is to lie about past predictions, and claim that non-existent global warming is worse than they predicted.

In 1988, Hansen made predictions for three scenarios. Scenario C assumed that mankind quit using fossil fuels after the year 2000. Temperatures are now (red dots below) lower than Hansen’s zero-emissions scenario C.

ScreenHunter_321 Dec. 04 13.24

ScreenHunter_321 Dec. 04 13.32



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2 Responses to Worse Than Was Predicted

  1. gator69 says:

    Much worse…

    Hudson Bay has melted down, and is currently drying up…


  2. Santer, well know for his cherry picking efforts, has a new paper here:


    “On average, the models analyzed underestimate the observed cooling of the lower stratosphere and overestimate the warming of the troposphere…”

    No kidding Einstein…

    Now that he has finally admitted that the models are exaggerating their predictions, does that now make him a global warming denier?

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