No Snow Where Bill McKibben Lives!

Arizona may be buried in snow, but Vermont determines the world’s climate.

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Rutgers University Climate Lab :: Global Snow Lab

Snow is forecast in New England tomorrow, and that will be due to global warming.

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4 Responses to No Snow Where Bill McKibben Lives!

  1. Fred Harwood says:

    Even snow in Lugano, down to the lake, this morning.

  2. Ivan says:

    Amazing that they had it figured out over 80 years ago:
    Problem of Their Cause.

    “That Arctic ice is an important factor in fluctuations of the climate in various parts of the world, is a theory much discussed by meteorologists, who are divided on the subject into two schools, one of which contends that in the Arctic and Antarctic lie hidden the answer to the fascinating and important riddle of the varying seasons, while the other seeks the answer in the investigation of variations in solar energy…
    the obstinate fact would still remain that, whatever secondary effects ice variations may have on climate, the primary cause both of climatic fluctuations and ice variation is, beyond all question, the periodic changes in solar energy.
    ~22 June 1929

  3. Ivan says:

    Just as well CO2 hadn’t been invented in the 50s:
    “The climate is changing. Man has influenced nature by cutting woods, draining moors, and regulating rivers. During the last half century, Europe’s temperature has risen one degree centigrade. The tree line in Scandinavia is advancing north steadily. The vegetatio period in Finland to-day is two weeks longer than it was 50 years ago. The ice cap at the Arctic, found by the Norwegian, Fridtjof Nansen, to average 12 ft. in depth at the end of the ‘Nineties,’ was only 7ft. 3in. when the Soviet explorer, Nikolav Sedov, meausred it in 1940. Central Europe complains of lack of snow on the fields in winter,”
    ~1 Feb 1952

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