One-Dimensional Thought Process Of The Left

After Columbine, Bill Clinton proposed using armed policemen to protect schools in the same way that we protect our banks, businesses and neighborhoods. The NRA made the same common sense proposal and were met with screams of derision by nutcases on the left.

One of their justifications is that “there was an armed guard at Columbine and it didn’t help.”  As usual, they have no idea what they are talking about.

There was an armed sheriff’s deputy sitting in a car in the front parking lot when the shooting broke out inside the school. There was also an armed motorcycle cop nearby writing a traffic ticket. By the time they got there, they couldn’t get within sixty yards of the shooter – far out of range for a pistol.

What they did accomplish was keeping the shooters occupied and allowing for many students to escape. They also kept the perpetrators from detonating the huge amount of explosives they were able to bring into the school – because there were able to get in without passing a guard.

Had there been an armed guard at the front door, it is very unlikely that Columbine would have happened.

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6 Responses to One-Dimensional Thought Process Of The Left

  1. Also, if someone with a gun was around to stop the madness before too many people were killed, then it doesn’t count because not enough people died!

  2. euug (@euug) says:

    You could support more armed guards *and* reasonable measures to stop weapons capable of rapid mass murder from being used that way…

  3. jmrsudbury says:

    Do you know why the deputy was in the front parking lot?

    I don’t know, so I am asking if this info was included in the reports.

    John M Reynolds

  4. Brian says:

    I’m for allowing teachers to carry a weapon if they the interest and the ability to use it properly. But I’m not for armed cops and our kids wearing uniforms… Stripping them of their individual identity. This makes our schools look too much like a police state and a prison.

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