Photograph High Tides

Australian Climate Madness reports on some top class stupidity.

We need coastal communities around Australia to take a photo or two as part of the Witness King Tides project. Your photos of the king tide will build a picture of the threat posed by sea level rise for our communities and help track the future impact of climate change.

Witness King Tides

High tides have been happening since the oceans formed. Below are some photos of La Jolla California at high tide going back to 1871. Nothing has changed in 140 years.

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7 Responses to Photograph High Tides

  1. Dave N says:

    I welcome this initiative. People photographing the king tides will be thinking to themselves: “so where’s the freaking problem, then???”, since the tides are nowhere near the “projected” levels.

    Alarmists are truly beyond clueless.

  2. swampsniper says:

    My special interest is bird photography, most specifically WADING BIRDS.. This means that I’ve spent a lot of time watching long legged birds and saltwater marshes. Unless bird legs are getting longer that saltwater ain’t getting deeper. Has anyone ever seen Algore watching a saltwater marsh?

  3. Hell_Is_Like_Newark says:

    PBS for the past couple of weeks has been going balls to the wall with ‘Climate Change’ coverage. Yesterday was ocean acidification killing off all the coral in Florida.

    Today it is Norfolk, VA is being drowned by sea level rise.

    I expect after the new year, there will be all sorts of new climate change regulations pushed out by the EPA. PBS is just helping ready the public with a propaganda bomb.

  4. John B., M.D. says:

    Steve, have both photos been verified to have been taken at high tide?
    Were both high tides equal or not?

    • The recent picture was taken at high tide. Are you concerned that the older picture was taken at low tide, and that sea level has declined?

      • John B., M.D. says:

        High tides vary throughout the month in terms of magnitude. A several inch rise in sea level can easily be obscured if the photos are taken not precisely at high tide or at a different time of the month. I’d put much more stock in the tidal gauge data you present. As a skeptic in general I will ask tough questions. While a picture is worth a thousand words, I want to know exactly what the picture is showing.

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