Red State Homicide Rates Declining, Among The Lowest In The World

Murder rates in the US are rapidly declining.

Murder rates among white Americans are as low as anywhere in Europe.

The majority of murders are committed by blacks using illegal guns in states which voted heavily for Obama.

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Bureau of Justice Statistics Homicide Trends in the United States: Trends in offending by race table

Lefties smear the black and white murder rates together. They smear the red state and blue state murder rates together. They smear the legal and illegal gun murder rates together.

Their goal is to use the extreme misbehavior of Obama’s constituency in Democratic states, as an excuse to take legal guns away from law abiding, peaceful US citizens in Republican states.

The last thing lefties would ever want to do is to insist that the black community stops killing each other.

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19 Responses to Red State Homicide Rates Declining, Among The Lowest In The World

  1. Perhaps we need stricter murder regulation. Thoughtful and extensive regulation of all thought and activity is supposed to end all crime. Obviously, the murderers are finding loopholes.

  2. BarryW says:

    Another article I read was trying to say that the reduction in murder rates was due to the reduction of deaths caused by shootings due to the increased survival rates among victims. I’m having a hard time buying that but I can’t find the data.

  3. Hugh K says:

    Wow! The graph shows homicide rates in Red States dropping ‘Fast & Furious’ yet I coudn’t find just one legal AR15 lower to purchase in my Red State this Christmas season?
    In other words, the number of semi-auto rifle sales in Red States are rising, yet the homicide rates in the same area are dropping? Looks like the government needs to ban something to stop this madness. Next thing you know we’ll be seeing CO2 rising while global temps are dropping and the government will be wanting to ban….oh, wait…never mind….
    BTW – The graph only shows data for the white and black population….I wonder if NBC has any data on that new demographic they created – racist white hispanics in Florida?

  4. Andy DC says:

    Where traditional wholesome Amercians live, life is pretty safe. Everywhere else, it is a jungle out there.

  5. tckev says:

    Hey, Barry how does this sound for your speech?…
    “I’m not saying we have to kill anyone, or just Republicans.
    I’m not saying that black murder is more important than white murder.
    What I’m saying is that there should be fairness.
    Is it fair that more black Democrats are murdered than white Republicans?
    So what I’m calling for is fairness…”

    I’ll put it on the teleprompter – OK?

  6. BobN says:

    I knew a doctor in the bay area that patched one guy up over 8 times with bullet wounds, all at the tax payers expense. He said that one guy is closing in on a million dollars in charges. The bay area has a pretty low crime rate compared to many areas. Can you imagine what it costs the hospitals in places like Chicago, I’m amazed they can stay open.

  7. Brian says:

    Maybe we do need to put cops in schools to watch all the white kids.

  8. Latitude says:

    Blacks are 12.5% of the population, but do half the nation’s murders. If we lower their murder rate to the same as whites, we will lower the nation’s murder rate by almost 40%

    We in America lead the world in gun ownership. For every 100 people, we have 88 guns. There are 25 nations in the world with higher murder rates than us (including Russia, were it is very difficult to get a gun).

    Honduras has 6.6 guns per 100 people but they have the highest murder rate in the world.

    Lower guns in the hands of citizens does not lower murder rates, but it does increase the likelihood that the corrupt government will kill its own citizens

    The Swiss have one of the lowest murder rates in the world, and they have an “assault rifle” in every house.

    • Brian says:

      We need to work on the drug laws and start some national dialogue. I’m in agreement with that.. That said, Theblaze can go get off. They spout off about things like this and try to pretend that they’re spreading some late breaking news.

      Ironic enough… The ones that have done me the most harm are white folks. The 5 teens that tried to break into my nieces house were all white, and the people that stole my dad’s four wheelers years ago were white. Some crooks that raped and old woman and broke in my home were white.

  9. Ivan says:

    What if we just re-wrote the 2nd Am. to say:
    “A well-armed gangsta being vital to protect my hood and my bitches and my stash, the right … etc … etc”
    Would everyone be happy then?

  10. HVTs says:

    Where can I find the European data you used to say “Murder rates among white Americans are as low as anywhere in Europe”?

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