The Clinton Plan To End School Shootings

April 16, 2000

Marking the first anniversary of the shooting deaths at Columbine High School, President Clinton announced $120 million in new federal grants Saturday to place more police officers in schools

Clinton Pledges Funds to Add Police to Schools – Los Angeles Times

Democrats thought this was a great idea. When the NRA proposed exactly the same thing, lefties went nuts with anger.

The New York Post and the New York Daily News tore into the National Rifle Association on Saturday for the gun lobby’s bizarre press conference held in response to the Sandy Hook elementary school massacre.

In a widely-panned public appearance, NRA leader Wayne LaPierre blamed gun violence on everything from video games to the media, and advocated placing an armed officer in every school in America.

New York Post, New York Daily News Slam NRA’s Wayne LaPierre

Lefties also want to kill climate skeptics.

GW deniers would never admit their mistake and as a result they would be executed.

Death threats anyone? Austrian Prof: global warming deniers should be sentenced to death « JoNova: Science, carbon, climate and tax

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5 Responses to The Clinton Plan To End School Shootings

  1. Bill Gannon says:

    Slick Willie as well as democrats in general, are the darlings of the press and can do no wrong. Republicans on the other hand, are the scum of the earth and can no right. The talking heads on Sunday’s shows claimed it would cost billions and billions of dollars, to fund armed guards at schools. I say place retired law enforcement officers, with their ninety percent retirement pensions and ex-military at schools. The LEO’s are already sucking the tax payers money dry.

    • Billions of dollars is how much Obama borrows every day. So far he has borrowed more than five thousand billion dollars. Children are much more valuable than the traitor in the White House.

  2. David says:

    Just let whoever is qualified carry. There are decent well qualified ex-military at most every school. Most would do it for free,

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