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Growth In Multi-Year Ice Since Week 37, 2012

Green shows multi-year ice which is present now, but wasn’t present in week 37, 2012.

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Valerie Says That No One Should Be Fired For Who They Are

Unless they don’t believe in the biggest scientific hoax in history.

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Obama Is Better At Large Tasks

Obama is very good at big things like healing the planet and slowing the rise of the seas, but not as proficient at smaller tasks – like making web sites work and protecting ambassadors from spontaneous YouTube protesters, or ever … Continue reading

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1986 Hansen Shock Forecast : Five Degrees Warming By 2010

Sarasota Herald-Tribune – Jun 11, 1986 Dr. James E. Hansen of the Goddard Space Flight Center’s Institute for Space Studies said research by his institute showed that because of the “greenhouse effect” that results when gases prevent heat from escaping the earth’s … Continue reading

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Unarmed Man Says He Is Really Good At Killing People

President Obama does not carry a gun, yet he says he is really good at killing people. According to the new book “Double Down,” in which journalists Mark Halperin and John Heilemann chronicle the 2012 presidential election, President Barack Obama … Continue reading

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1989 Shock News : 12 Degrees Warming And 20 Feet Of Sea Level Rise By 2050

Doug MacAyeal, a geophysicist at the University of Chicago, has been developing a computer model to predict what might happen in the south polar region as a result of an increasing greenhouse effect, and expects to be able to make … Continue reading

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The Real Hockey Stick

US summer temperatures have declined over the last 80 years. Cooler summers aren’t going to scare anyone into funding climate fraud, so NCDC has created a hockey stick of adjustments, cooling older temperatures by as much as two degrees, and … Continue reading

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EPA : Too Much Wet Can Destroy Wetlands

The US. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that a six-foot sea-level rise would destroy as much as 80 percent of this country’s coastal wetlands. Popular Science – Google Books Sea level has risen 120 metres over the last 20,000 years. All … Continue reading

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1989 Shock News : Earth To Go Extinct By 2050

If by 2050 the Florida Keys “will no longer exist,” in the words of Elton J, Gissen-danner, past executive director of the Florida Department of Natural Resources, then around the world entire nations may face major disruption or even near … Continue reading

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95% CO2 Can Either Make A Planet “Colder Than A Deep Freeze” Or Hotter Than “A Self-Cleaning Oven”

“The irony,” says Schneider, “is that this possibly unconnected event has brought us to the right level of consciousness about the problem, a level that should have been reached about fifteen years ago. The point is that there is no controversy—none—about … Continue reading

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