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Colorado : Coping With Feminine Hygiene Products Posing As Scientists

First they told us that we were in a permanent drought and the forests were going to be killed by fires and beetles. Then the rains came and they told us that the floods were biblical 1,000 year floods – … Continue reading

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Worst Storm Ever Knocked A Tree Over

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8fTGI86rR4] . Fortunately, the Porta-Potties didn’t tip over in the Jeff Masters 195 MPH winds.

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Nobel Peace Prize Winner Announces That He Is “Really Good At Killing People”

‘ Book Alleges Obama Told Aides About Drone Strikes: I’m ‘Really Good At Killing People’ « CBS DC

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We Have A Winner

Mr. Cricket has volunteered to do the heavy lifting to prove that RSS confirms Scenario A, 1.3C warming from 1978 to 2014. November 8, 2013 at 8:23 pm

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The New Normal For Climate Scum

The team has developed a new strategy. Every time there is a big storm, someone with an authoritative sounding title makes a bogus claim. The press corpse picks up on it, and it becomes sacred legend. No amount of scientific … Continue reading

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Hansen Spewing Nonsense Is Almost Dead Certain

BAU scenarios result in global warming of the order of 3-6°C. It is this scenario for   which we assert that multi-meter sea level rise on the century time scale are not only possible, but almost dead certain. www.columbia.edu/~jeh1/mailings/2011/20110118_MilankovicPaper.pdf The … Continue reading

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Joe Romm Ramping Up The Lies To Fever Pitch

Lie #1 – September was the 11th warmest in the past 34 years, just above them median. RSS / MSU Data Images / Monthly Lie #2 : The Pacific has cooled considerably over the last 15 years. In 1998, Pacific … Continue reading

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It Is That New Kind Of 195 MPH Wind – Which Doesn’t Affect Trees, Cars Or Boats

Super Typhoon Haiyan Now One Of The Strongest Tropical Cyclones Ever To Make Landfall | ThinkProgress If those trees had actually experienced 195 MPH winds, they would be horizontal.

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Hurricane Andrew Vs. Super Typhoon Haiyan

Jeff Masters says that Haiyan had the highest wind speeds ever. Compare vs. the damage from Hurricane Andrew in 1992.

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Another Trillion Dollar Obama Disaster

Obama has managed to borrow nearly as much money as all other presidents combined, while creating the most anemic economy since his heroes Jimmy Carter and Franklin Roosevelt. One of his first disasters was the trillion dollar “Stimulus Act” which … Continue reading

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