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Live Video Of The Obamacare Tech Surge


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95% Confidence In Arctic Ice Forecasting

Ninety-five percent of Arctic Ice forecasts were too low, increasing their confidence in their prediction skill to 95%. September Sea Ice Outlook: June Report | ARCUS

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Hansen Shock News : Six Degrees Warming By 2010

The Press-Courier – Google News Archive Search Does this mean that everyone will be dead by the year 2010?

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Mankind’s Shocking Alteration Of The Atmosphere

Going from 300 to 400 PPM CO2 is the equivalent of packing an extra ten people into the Superdome. Hansen says that it is going to kill us all. The Press-Courier – Google News Archive Search

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US Permanent Drought Update

Two years ago, Joe Romm declared the official start to the permanent drought. Dust Storm Marks Beginning of Southwest’s “Permanent Drought” | The Energy Collective And now the permanent drought is over.   United States Drought Monitor > Data Archive … Continue reading

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The Arctic Summer Which Never Happened

According to the Danish Meteorological Institute graphs, this past summer was the coldest on record north of 80N, and was below normal temperature every day from June through August University of Colorado ice maps also show that there was very little melt. … Continue reading

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Arctic Ice Growth During October

New October ice is green. Arctic Sea-Ice Monitor

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And You Can Keep Your Current Health Insurance, And The Arctic Will Be Ice-Free This Year, And No One Making Less Than $250,000 Will See A Tax Increase, And Obama Believes That Marriage Is A Sacred Bond Between A Man And A Woman …..

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry says the nation’s surveillance activities went “too far” in some cases, and has promised that will not happen again. Kerry: U.S. Surveillance Went “Too Far” Is there some reason why anyone would still be … Continue reading

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57% Of The US Below Normal Temperature For The First Ten Months Of 2013

  YearTDeptUS.png (688×531)

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Growth In Five Year Old Ice Over The Past Two Years

The amount of five year old ice in the Arctic has more than doubled over the past two years, as seen in the animation below. Index of /pub/tschudi/iceage/gifs

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