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CO2 To Destroy The World Soon

Global Warming and Government’s Inaction Will Soon Destroy World

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Harvard To Save The Planet

Obama healed the planet in 2008, but Harvard is going to do it again. Harvard can save us from global warming apocalypse – Salon.com

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Understanding 97% Certainty

97% of scientists are 95% certain that the global warming which isn’t happening, would be your fault – if it was happening. In 2007, they were only 9o% certain that non-existent climate change was your fault. Another six years of spectacularly failed … Continue reading

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Celebrating 50 Years Of Settled Climate Change Science

The Canberra Times – 17 February 1961 Why Climates  Everywhere  Are Changing NEW YORK (Associated Press). — What strange concert of forces is at work, changing the earth’s climate?  Experts pondered that question and suggested possible culprits ranging from carbon … Continue reading

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Shock News : 100 Years Ago, Scientific American Said CO2 Was Not A Pollutant


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Vice President Says That Democrats Have Wrecked The Senate

Not only are Democrats lying about everything, but they are cheating too. “The nuclear option abandons America’s sense of fair play .?.?. tilting the playing field on the side of those who control and own the field. I say to … Continue reading

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1922 Shock News : Higher CO2 Levels Needed To Feed The Human Race

Someone break the news to Mikey. Ninety years ago, scientists actually did science. WORLD’S GREATEST PROBLEM. Dr. Riedel con ceived the idea of speeding up the growth of plants by giving them extra supplies of carbon dioxide Tomatoes in the greenhouse supplied … Continue reading

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Nixon : “LBJ Never Likes Being #2”

Fifty years since Kennedy was assassinated in ……. Texas [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJIb73SPzkE]

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Sixty Years Of 0.0003 Mole Fraction CO2 Blocking Convection In The Atmosphere

Wednesday 6 May 1953 “The carbon dioxide in the air acts in the same manner   as the glass in a greenhouse,” Dr. Plass said. 06 May 1953 – INDUSTRIAL GAS EARTH’S “GREENHOUSE” Australian A…

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RT Explains Fracking

I’m watching Russia Today on television in Mexico. They say that fracking involves pumping radioactive liquids into the water supply, and releasing dangerous greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

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