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Nine Of The Ten Deadliest Atlantic Hurricanes Occurred During Years NASA Says Were Cold

1909 Monterrey hurricane – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The tenth deadliest Atlantic hurricane occurred during 1909, which NASA says was the coldest on record. The only hurricane on that list which came during a warm year was Mitch in 1998. … Continue reading

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Shock News : They Allowed A Conservative Professor To Visit The University Of Colorado

I am surprised that CU’s diversity and tolerance policy tolerates people with diverse points of view.

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10,000 People Have Died In Automobile Accidents Since Friday

About 2,500 people die every day in automobile accidents, including 100 in the US. You can think of cars as being Typhoon Yolanda on steroids.

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Students Get Expelled For Not Letting Themselves Get Killed

College Students on Probation for Pulling Gun to Defend Against Intruder | RealClearPolitics The University says that they provide adequate security, and believes that criminals will follow gun laws.

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They Were Warned

The 1928 San Felipe-Okeechobee Hurricane killed four thousand people, including two thousand in the US. Residents of Palm Beach had plenty of warning, but didn’t leave. The Palm Beach Post – Google News Archive Search It was a bad day … Continue reading

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Red Cross Locates A Huge Twister In Kansas

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Global Warming Would Reduce Hurricanes

Venus is very hot, but has no weather – because it has a uniform surface temperature. Global warming causes the poles to warm much more than the tropics. This reduces the potential difference in energy between the poles and the … Continue reading

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1930 News : 130 Deadly Tornadoes Per Year In The US

07 Aug 1930 – The Mercury – p4 [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhQySxqSANU] . 2013 was the quietest year on record for US tornadoes.

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Obama : “You Don’t Argue With Facts”

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JCUpJDzyRnY] . The New York Times says that he “misspoke.”

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Shock News : Satellite Showed Little Sea Level Rise Before They Tampered With The Data

On August 4, 2011 – The European Space Agency’s Envisat satellite showed less than one mm/year sea level rise, comparable to tide gauges. MSL_Serie_EN_Global_IB_RWT_GIA_Adjust.png (1024×680) A few months later the same data set showed almost triple that rate. MSL_Serie_EN_Global_IB_RWT_GIA_Adjust.png (1024×680) … Continue reading

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