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February 7, 2014 at 9:02 pm

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  1. Turney should try for a 100% carbon-free lifestyle. He can wrap himself in (carbon-free) alumin[i]um foil, fill his pockets with (carbon-free) lead ingots, & sequester himself in the deep ocean (to come suddenly springing out at some ill-define point in the future). The best part is that there’s zero risk because deep-ocean sequestration of stuff is totally peer-reviewed & stuff, you guys.

  2. Andy Oz says:

    Love it.
    Sounds like the caption of a Gary Larson cartoon.

  3. Andy Oz says:

    Turkey’s mates at UNSW ( my alma mater FFS) have discovered (or made up while chooming) the reason for the fact there is no warming. NOW. They just admitted there has been no warming. Then they say there is warming. That is the definition of schizophrenia!

    Oh, and now Globull Worming is actually Ocean Warming!!!!! Rintoul and England should both be sacked from UNSW. They are communists not scientists.

    “The CSIRO’s Steve Rintoul said understanding the oceans was the key to understanding climate change.
    “What’s not commonly understood is that when we talk about global warming we mean ocean warming,” Dr Rintoul said.”

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