Jordan, Montana Had A 170 Degree Spread In 1936

Nine US HCN stations set both their all-time record minimums in February 1936, and their all-time record maximums in July, 1936. Two of those stations had a spread of 170 degrees that year.

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5 Responses to Jordan, Montana Had A 170 Degree Spread In 1936

  1. Lance says:

    How about Chinooks to make a temp change too!

    from Wikipedia:
    The greatest recorded temperature change in 24 hours was caused by Chinook winds on January 15, 1972, in Loma, Montana; the temperature rose from -48 to 9°C (-54 to 48°F)

    greatest 1 hour change:
    In Pincher Creek, the temperature rose by 41°C (74°F), from -19 to 22°C (-2 to 72°F), in one hour in 1962

  2. 111.92°F?

    So, the hand-written record was 112°, somebody at the climate center converted it to 44.4°C (okay, good enough on the significant digits in any case, though using those retarded French measurements sure is stupid), & then the “science guys” reconverted it back to 111.92? Makes sense.

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