July 9, 1897 – Chicago Was 88 Degrees At 8 AM

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2 Responses to July 9, 1897 – Chicago Was 88 Degrees At 8 AM

  1. Dave N says:

    It was the horse manure that done it! Which coincidentally, alarmists are shovelling mountains of in the present.

  2. Jason Calley says:

    “One hundred horses fell dead in the street.”

    This illustrates the problem with using proxy data from the ancient days of 1897. Let’s just adjust that data a little… For starters, the people back then could not count as high as one hundred — it was probably only five, the number of fingers on one hand, at which point they did not know how to differentiate between that number and 100. And it was probably not horses, so much as horses legs, studies in animal morphology being in such a primitive state. So, haven proven that the actual count was five horses legs, we can safely round that out to an average of one horse. Obviously, one horse is too small a sample to rely on, so we can therefore presume that the actual temperature (pardon me one moment while I reach around toward the back of my chair to pull something out), uh, yes, the actual temperature was, uh, 65 degrees F.

    And, I proved it with “science”!

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