Shock News : White House Releasing Fraudulent Numbers

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Insurance industry raises questions about new ObamaCare enrollment numbers being ‘inflated’ | Fox News

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18 Responses to Shock News : White House Releasing Fraudulent Numbers

  1. GeologyJim says:

    We have reached the point with this spectacularly inept, corrupt, dishonest, and lawless administration that the only report worthy of a true headline would be:


  2. Smokey says:

    I just knew this was the case! Someone needs to ask Jay Carney to provide those names to Fox News for verification. Because there is no way that millions of people have been able to sign up for 0bamacare. The whole thing has been a total fiasco from the get-go.

    Three quarters of a BILLION dollars to set up a website! Sheesh! WordPress does it for free. Must be nice to be a FOO, and get a no-bid contract like that.

  3. nigelf says:

    Of course the lefties will post here that Fox News lies and there’s not a smidgeon of evidence the WH is releasing bogus #’s.

  4. Streetcred says:

    Y’know, we had the same thing here in Australia … a socialist government that lied about everything, and I mean EVERYTHING! Now that the adults are back running the show, the true extent of the lies is becoming apparent … and how the MSM hates the adults for unearthing it.

  5. Gail Combs says:

    You would have to be brain dead to try and sign up for Obummercare after all the bad publicity about the website not being secure.

    Therefore these false numbers are being reported to give the nervous sheep a sense of security so they are willing to join the herd headed for slaughter. (I always have some hand raised bottle baby sheep and goats I used to lead my herds when I need to move them. Same principle)

    Remember the Admin. has ALREADY been lying for six straight years about the true unemployment numbers so as not to panic the sheep. graph and method

    So who would actually sign up?

    First only those with a few braincells PLUS perseverance would make it through the maze and traps at the website so that cuts out all the low information welfare types, druggies and many of the labor union types. Just out of school types with some computer skills would either blow it off or do a bit of research on the web and faint at the monthly payments. So they are not going to sign up.The laments that the younger crowd who were supposed to be the sacrificial lambs for obummercare have not signed up bears this out.

    The wage slaves already have insurance through their employers and are therefore also out of the loop.

    The leaves small entrepreneurs and their employees as the only ones willing to sign up and most of them are like me pi$$ed as he!! at the government and not about to sign up like a stupid sheep. Especially not without doing a lot of research before hand.

    ~$500/mos?? I will take my chances and pay the IRS tax fine thank you very much and THAT is going to be a real mess since Congress says the IRS did not follow the law on just WHO has to pay the penalty.

    What a real Charlie Foxtrot.

    • Ernest Bush says:

      One thing that keeps getting missed in all the discussion is what has been happening to seniors on Medicare. Because so much money is being stolen from that fund each year and the money paid out to doctors for visits keeps being cut, many doctors in my town will no longer see Medicare patients. In addition Medicare is costing me $300 a month currently, including supplemental insurance. That’s $600 a month for our household. Each year fewer procedures and medications are being covered under Medicare.

      Obamacare will be the same way.

      • It’s not just the rates. The paperwork overhead of Medicare is far higher & the payments arrive months later than reasonable.

        • Ernest Bush says:

          I have a whole rant about what Medicare has done to doctors. I don’t blame a single one that has opted out of Medicare. If they have their reimbursement rate cut in half, obviously they will have to see twice as many patients just to tread water. This caused my doctor to overlook a complaint which turned out to be prostatitis, A month later I was in the hospital with that problem and sepsis. It took the hospital $52,000 to get it under control. They were reimbursed less than $14,000 by Medicare and my supplemental insurance.

          Welcome to your future if you are dependent on Obamacare. Hasty doctor visits and substandard hospitals because they can’t continue the level of service you expect at these reimbursement rates. If you can find a doctor who will take Obamacare patient, that is.

      • Tom Bakert says:

        Correct! I just received a statement from Excellus ( I have Medicare supplemental Plan F, the most comprehensive level of coverage) and they allowed only $13.90 for a $125 office visit. He spent 20 minutes with me. Do the math. At that rate, he’s making less after expenses than I did as a software engineer.

  6. darrylb says:

    Even if there were 3 million + enrolled, that would be about 1% of the US population, and one tenth of the number that were believed to be uninsured. Although, I don’t think it was the uninsured that make up a large portion of those who now have insurance.

    • I dunno. Those ijits were claiming way back in 2007-8 that there were 47,000,000 uninsured in the US. Of course, this number was arrived at by taking all the people who couldn’d afford insurance, & adding to them those who simply didn’t want insurance, plus the rather large number of people who for whatever reason didn’t have insurance right now (but probably would within a few months).

      Given the sheer number of people being cast off of insurance plans, this is starting to look just like Obama’s “created or saved” jobs numbers: 20,000,000 lose benefits, or get stuck with horrible, overpriced plans (that have bizarre mandatory coverage requirements like contraception for 80-year-olds) & 3 million sign up. So, we spend all day avoiding the subject of the 17 million who got fucked good & hard by the blowjob-in-chief, thanks to the 4th Estate.

  7. Also, I have no idea how they can tout Medicaid sign-ups as successes. It’s like counting stillbirths as population growth.

  8. Pathway says:

    It’s all about control.

  9. Gunny G says:

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    GUNNY G !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Andy DC says:

    They raided the graveyards for votes, now are raiding them for Obamacare enrollees.

  11. Bob Knows says:

    Are we talking about actual people enrolled, or about the amount of money Odumbo and his regime paid to their criminal contractors for enrolling people? If it was like the Obamaphone enrollment the contractor in Oklahoma, for example, was paid to enroll almost 100% of the state of Oklahoma. The criminals running Obamacare enrollment are undoubtedly producing similar fraudulent results at the direction of Odumbo’s crooked minions.

  12. Brian H says:

    They’re more about filling graveyards than emptying them.

    Here’s a real challenge: find some WH numbers that aren’t fraudulent.

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