Should RVP Get Three Points For His Field Goal?

How about those Red Devils?

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12 Responses to Should RVP Get Three Points For His Field Goal?

  1. Anything is possible says:


    Fergie got out at just the right time. Figure he knew what was coming?

  2. Ben Vorlich says:

    Stuffed in Turkey?

  3. Andy Oz says:

    “21.41 That now means five Premier League clubs have played in Europe in the past week (Manchester City, Arsenal, Tottenham, Swansea and Manchester United) and the grand goals total is… ZERO.” – Ben Bloom.

  4. jeremyp99 says:

    “Red Devils”? Did you know they nicked that nickname from Salford Rugby League club? And they nicked “Old Trafford” from the cricket ground, and “Glory, Glory…” from Tottenham Hotspur.

    Not a very original club

  5. Moyes has blamed just about everything for losing, except for global warming!!

  6. Richard Mallett says:

    Well, Chelsea got an away goal, and Drogba was pulled off by Mancini before the end. This makes a change from reading about that bloke called Obama.

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