Understanding Tolerance And Diversity

To a progressive, “tolerance and diversity” means “everyone must believe exactly what they believe

The survival of the world depends on everyone else adopting their belief system.

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14 Responses to Understanding Tolerance And Diversity

  1. Kent Clizbe says:


    But what is their belief system?

    That’s the key missing point, as we Normals discuss these barbarians inside our gates.

    They all instinctively know what they believe, and go along with their Elite Vanguard whenever a point comes up that they’re not sure about.

    But we Normals are all confused about our opponents’ belief system.

    Most of us still call them Liberals or Left-wing. What the hell does that mean?

    Or worse, we call them names: Commies! Socialists! Those terms actually have meanings, and our opponents’ belief system is NOT those -isms.

    Our opponents are Politically Correct Progressives.

    The terminology is precise. “Political Correctness” is a belief system based on the fundamental tenet: “America is a racist, sexist, foreigner-hating, imperialist, capitalist hell-hole. And it must be changed.”

    That is what our opponents believe. In short, PC-Progs are “anti-Traditional-America.”

    They are only “for” something if it is against traditional American values, beliefs, or laws.

    Their lies about “tolerance” or “diversity” are just cover for their anti-Normal beliefs.


    • Andy Oz says:

      Here is a great read. Psychology of mobs and messiahs in particular has much in common with the CAGW meme.
      Another one would be “Virus of the mind” by Richard Brodie.
      After I woke up to the scam years ago, the question I had was whether the CAGW meme was orchestrated, similar to how economics and the advent of the fiat monetary system was orchestrated. Once the carbon taxes arose as the progressives only solution, it became obvious that it was orchestrated and by whom. The tools used are mob psychology and popular politics. Obama, like most politicians, believes he is the messiah and will save us, while destroying our standard of living and robbing the middle class of their wealth.

    • Donna K. Becker says:

      Political correctness = the negation of reality

      • Kent Clizbe says:


        Okay, but what reality?

        Whose reality?

        That’s a key missing piece for us to understand all of PC-Progressives’ actions–not just AGW, but all their anti-Normal-America actions.

        The reality that they are negating is the belief in traditional American culture that our country was an exceptional one, and that our government, economic system, justice system, social system, and international relations, while far from perfect, were the best ever achieved in the history of humanity.

        American exceptionalism is the reality that PC-Progressives are against, and which they seek to negate.

        They are only “for” something if it is against traditional American values, beliefs, or laws.
        How could Americans have developed such a belief system? Did these suicidal beliefs just spring up from nowhere? Or were they introduced, nurtured by an outside force? If so, who? When? How?

      • Kent Clizbe says:


        Okay, “objective reality.”

        I’m with you.

        But when you start playing their games, on their playing fields, you’ve immediately lost.

        That’s why PC-Progs now control American academia and education, Hollywood, and the media. Normal Americans tried to argue with them logically.

        We’ve tried to debate “objective” versus “subjective” realities. Hegelian versus Fabian dialectics, Marxist versus collectivist, communitarian versus community, and on and on.

        We lost. Their fake sophistry dazzles and fools.

        We’ve never before had a clear explanation of what our opponents believe, clearly explained so that we can rally around counter-acting their twisted beliefs.

        The key is in understanding that PC-Progs are simply against anything that is Traditional American. They are “anti.”

        That’s it. They are anti.

        We, on the other hand, are “for.” We are for the power of American capitalism. We are for unleashing the awesome abilities that individuals have when they are rewarded for their efforts, we are for American exceptionalism that has drawn hundreds of millions from all over the world to risk their lives to live in this land of freedom and opportunity.

        That is the difference. We are “for.” They are “against.

        They were taught this vile belief. It was inserted in our culture by a deliberate methodology. And today’s PC-Progs are just as ignorant about the origin of their beliefs as most of us are. The difference is, they don’t have to know where their beliefs came from. All they need to do is to follow the strategy and tactics that have destroyed our culture. That is their secret, and that is how they succeed.

  2. Pathway says:

    Political correctness comes straight from Stalin’s purges. If you said the wrong thing in class about your parents beliefs they would simply disappear.

  3. Gail Combs says:

    But what is their belief system?….

    If you readThe Philosophy Of Karl Marx

    The belief system is:
    1.Reality is only that which exists in the mind. Objective phenomena and events are of no consequence; only the conceptions of them possessed by human minds are real. Ideas, not objects, are the stuff of which the universe is made.

    2. No idea could exist without an opposite. If an idea is labeled a thesis, its opposite would be its antithesis. Struggle or conflict is the en-evitable fact in such a universe—conflict of the thesis with its antithesis. In this struggle thesis and antithesis act and react on each other, and a new phenomenon—synthesis—is created. Since this process was universal and never ending, it offered a complete explanation of the causal processes creating all phenomena within the universe.

    In simple terms if I wish hard enough and click my heels three time it will come true.

    This is also why there is such an emphasis on ‘Consensus’ instead of science. The Debate is over a Consensus has been reached and we are DENYING that Consensus. The United Nations and the rest of the politicians and their followers are ready to move on to the next ‘struggle’ mitigation and those right wing Neanderthals have not Progressed with the rest of humanity as they should if they were ‘Thinking Humans’

    One of the reasons for the attack on traditional child rearing practices (a swat on the rear end when needed) was it taught actions have consequences. Now the child is in control and the child has learned if they scream loud enough they can make their wishes come true because parents now resort to bribery instead of teaching actions have consequenses. All the ‘Child Safety’ crap stems from the same source. Protect the kids from reality so they can not learn to think.

    Why has this been promoted? Check out the Fabian Society who founded the London School of Economics.

    The destruction of the US education system was done deliberately. Check out American Fabian John Dewey.

    Dumbing Down America by Dr. Samuel Blumenfeld

    • Kent Clizbe says:


      Thanks for your note and your thoughts.

      Actually PC-Progressives’ belief system, including their anti-capitalism scheme, Man-Caused Global Warming, has virtually nothing to do with Marxism.

      The connection is only that the operators who began the influence operation worked for the Marxist-Leninist Soviet Union. Even they were no longer Marxists by the time Willi Muenzenberg began the operation in the 1920s.

      Lenin himself realized that Marxism was nonsense. That’s why we are sadly mistaken if we try to understand our opponents through this lens.

      The “Fabian Socialists” were just acolytes of Willi Muenzenberg’s covert influence operation, and late to the game at that.

      Muenzenberg was operation against the American culture of exceptionalism and individualism nearly from the beginning of the Soviet Union. He orchestrated the Sacco and Vanzetti protests.

      It was during the late 20s, and early 30s that his influence operations snared dozens of American thought leaders, in education/academia (Dr George S. Counts of Columbia Teachers College–forget Dewey–he’d been pitched and rejected the approach long before–Counts gobbled the bait hook, line and sinker); in the media (Walter Duranty of the NY Times; and Hollywood (Dorothy Parker–one of the most egregious Willing Accomplices, active in dozens of Muenzenberg anti-America front organizations).

      Full details about the operation, the operators, and the results on our culture in this short video, “Why do Progressives hate America?”


  4. Donna K. Becker says:

    Gail Combs:

    In other words, Hegelian dialectics.

  5. cb says:

    Following on Gail Combs: read “how to be a good communist” by Nelson f-ing Mandela.

    Prepare to be amazed as you are initiated into the mindset of the atheist-slash-humanist ideological fanatic: you know, the REAL enablers of AGW.

  6. tom0mason says:

    So let’s all join hands and save the panet?

    “Where’s my gun?”

  7. Andy DC says:

    Tolerance and diversity is just another way of saying “anything goes”.

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