Air Conditioning Part II

My fraternity house at ASU didn’t have air conditioning. The swamp coolers kept the temperature around 82 degrees with high humidity. We had soccer practice in the afternoon at 107 degrees. Did anyone care?

Of course not. We were on a campus with 20,000 beautiful half-naked women. I doubt anyone ever noticed the weather.

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13 Responses to Air Conditioning Part II

  1. Lou says:

    ROFL. I miss old days in my fraternity… It was awesome. And the girls too. 😉

  2. Andy says:

    Good point Steve. I think it is just a case of when you have it you need it and when you don’t you don’t miss it.
    In other words we are getting more pampered nowadays.

    I still don’t put on the air con in the car, I just open the windows and let the air come in.

    We are getting too soft!


  3. Andy says:

    Actually should we call you Steve or Tony, Steve is the good old days, Tony is the new, let me know and i will say which, it is your blog and I am a guest here, one I know is tolerated, which I am glad for to put the opposite view across.

    Let us know, Steve or Tony.


  4. sunsettommy says:

    I use the swamp cooler and it is good enough as it keeps the indoor temperature from going past 85 degrees,which is well below our body temperature.The HVAC method make it far cooler and more expensive to maintain.It is silly to throw away heat tolerance by making it nearly 30 degrees lower than body temperature indoors. If it is 105 F and dry air outside as it was yesterday at my locale,then 85 F with 45% humidity indoors is good enough.

  5. Mat Helm says:

    The good ole days when hot weather made you look for things that made you even hotter…. What would we have done without beer….

  6. GeologyJim says:

    I had the pleasure of enduring undergrad school at UC Santa Barbara 1965-1969 in the company of thousands of mind-bogglingly gorgeous ladies. Despite such distractions, and a campus literally on the beach, I actually learned a thing or two in the early years of “The Plate-Tectonic Revolution” – and went on to a most enjoyable career in geology.

    One of those long-stemmed lovelies became my “gorgeous ex-fiancee” [TM – W.
    Eschenbach], with whom I’ve been blessed with 43 years of marital adventures. We’ve only lived in one air-conditioned house and that was in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, where A/C actually was necessary overnight in Aug-Sept. Never needed A/C in Colorado

  7. Truthseeker says:

    Why were the women half-naked?

  8. KevinK says:

    Sunset wrote;

    “If it is 105 F and dry air outside as it was yesterday at my locale, then 85 F with 45% humidity indoors is good enough.”

    Good luck with a swamp cooler in many parts of the US. We get >90 F and >80% RH outside. No way to get that >80 % RH down to 45 % RH inside without an HVAC unit. It’s the “conditioning” part of the equation that makes them so dang popular. And the “central” part of the equation makes for nice cool dry gentle quiet breezes inside the house, not blasts of air in front of fans or window units.

    We just upgraded to central air, you’d need a gun to take it away from me.

    But, each situation is different, everybody should enjoy their indoor air just they way they like it. Otherwise the “all knowing” government will start deciding what indoor air quality is “good enough” for us plebes.

    Cheers, Kevin.

  9. darrylb says:

    But, it was not beastly humid.

  10. KevinK says:

    But, I do agree with Steve/Tony, many of the stores around here (and elsewhere) go “nuttso” with the AC and try to see if we can imitate penguins at the Aquarium.

    Like most things, a little bit is good, but it’s so easy to overdo things.

    Just knock down the humidity a bit, kill off ten degrees or so of temps (85 degrees, 60 % RH) and the “thermal shock” when leaving an indoor space to “experience” an outdoor space would probably be less “mind altering”.

    I worked around the Washington DC area back in the late 1970’s and it felt just like you got hit in the face with a HOT WET MOP when you left an HVAC controlled building. Then I walked back to an apartment with only fans (no HVAC at all), boy it was miserable,

    Talk to a HVAC engineer, I’d like it to be about 85 degrees and about 50% RH most of the time, I bet they can accommodate you just fine.

    Cheers, Kevin

  11. hannuko says:

    So basically the current obesity epidemic makes the weather more noticeable? I think this is a place for a study…

  12. Pathway says:

    I’ll keep my air conditioning, thank you and my heater too. And I want cheap electricity to run both.

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