Almost No Change In Arctic Ice Extent Since Yesterday

Green shows gain since yesterday. Red shows loss.

Alarmists have a big problem now. Strong winds in the Laptev Sea have been giving them more of a break than they deserve, but the ice there is already pushed back close to the pole, and temperatures there are below freezing. Without some freak southerly winds in the Chukchi Sea, it is going to be very difficult for Reggie to produce much more ice loss this year.

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16 Responses to Almost No Change In Arctic Ice Extent Since Yesterday

  1. Fred from Canuckistan says:

    Would have to say that is a 100% perfect example of the Arctic Ice Death Spiral. So obvious a blind university geography professor could see it.

    • Disillusioned says:

      It looks to me like ole’ Death Spiral Serreze has called off the Death Spiral. Errrr…. well, it sounds like he’s delayed it… for about four decades. In an NBC article he postulates that rare storms like the one in 2012 will increase, he also seems to be qualifying that his Death Spiral is going to take quite awhile longer than he first anticipated:

      “He and colleague Erick Rogers from the Naval Research Laboratory at Stennis Space Center in Mississippi write in their paper published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters that even further reduction of sea ice cover in the future should “result in larger waves, which in turn provide a mechanism to break up sea ice and accelerate ice retreat.”
      Several climate models suggest that the Arctic Ocean will be seasonally ice free by the middle of this century. The breakup of the sea ice from the waves, Serreze said, “should accelerate the timeframe.”

      I guess they were also giving us a heads-up that other projections for an Ice Free Arctic ranging from 2015 to 2020 would likely also fail to come to pass, as failed predictions about an Ice-Free Arctic from 2010 to 2014 before them.

      With a slooooow motion death spiral, his butt is covered. He’ll be long-retired, perhaps dead, before 2050.

  2. geran says:

    Great graphic. The huge impact of the Laptev winds is obvious, as is the pushing of the entire ice mass against the Greenland side.

  3. B.C. says:

    Dammit. I just received my shipment of sun block, string bikinis and sailboards and was about to open up my surf shop on the western end of the NW passage. Reggie was going to have a lifetime discount card, too.

  4. MrX says:

    What I like is that everything you said was gonna happen did happen over the course of the last couple months (give or take). Imagine if an alarmist was right just once… ever.

    Also, pushing against the opposite side of Greenland is an alarmist’s worst nightmare. That’s where ice goes to become multi-year ice. If it pushes around Greenland, then it all gets sucked out, but there seems to be no ice there right now.

  5. Mohatdebos says:

    Why are we not seeing any reports of ships going from Asia (Europe) to Europe (Asia) through the NW Passage. I don’t think I have seen any stories about Russian nuclear ice breakers escorting ships through the Northern Sea Route. Also, Sunday’s Detroit Free Press had a good report on how the water levels on the Great Lakes were back to normal or above. Unfortunately, the reporter did not interview any of the shaman (e.g. Jeff Masters) who had cited the decline in lake levels as proof of global warming.

    • D. Self says:

      2 years ago the Detroit Free Press was crying about Global warming and lake levels. Well, I reminded them there are ancient forests under Lake Huron.

  6. Traitor In Chief says:

    Arctic dipshits have departed for the Northwest Passage cruise….. 🙂

    The Abercrombie/Kent version is taking money for next year. All the $50K rooms are sold out.

    Another icebreaker rescue would be fun….

    • Lance says:

      No, icebreaker rescue will come out of my tax dollars, like some of the other dick head boats looking for clear sailing…I hope they have to pay for any service, and not 1 dollar from Canadian tax payers…..

    • stewart pid says:

      I think this boat has to have an ice breaker escort to get into serious ice because of it’s rating. I don’t know if there is “serious” ice on their route but I think there is. Let the fun begin!!!

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