Andrew Feedman Says Same Weather As 1925 Is Unprecedented Global Warming


‘Unprecedented’ Flooding Event in Detroit Fits Global Warming Pattern

Detroit received 4.57 inches of rain in just a few hours on Monday, breaking its record for that date and coming in second place for the all-time wettest calendar day, behind a 4.74 inch deluge in July of 1925. The heavy rain — which included more than an inch of rain falling in just 24 minutes — led to some of the most widespread flash flooding on record in the Motor City.

‘Unprecedented’ Flooding Event in Detroit Fits Global Warming Pattern

Minor street flooding from a rainfall event beaten during one of Hansen’s coldest years on record – proves global warming.


With 10,000 rain gauges and a 100 year record, you would expect to have 100 of them set their all-time record ever year.

Freedman appears to have completely lost it.

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23 Responses to Andrew Feedman Says Same Weather As 1925 Is Unprecedented Global Warming

  1. daveandrews723 says:

    You really have to wonder who should be called “deniers” now. These people seem desperate to attribute any weather event to global warming/climate change, even though these events have been happening for centuries and there is absolutely no way to tie them to any climate change or temperature increase.

  2. USHCN whisker plots of daily rainfall show no trend at all to more frequent or intense rainfall in Michigan.

  3. _Jim says:

    Common sight on what is called Central Expressway (“US-75”) in Dallas anytime we have our *usual* heavy rains (figurative ‘frog stranglers’ to use the late, but great, Harold Taft’s term); one gets the idea some of these ppl “do not get out much”, have lead sheltered lives, etc.

  4. Eliza says:

    OT but I think the media is really taking on Mr Mann this is a real changer to the whole AGW issue!

    • Shazaam says:

      The author’s comment: Steyn repeatedly used the term “fraudulent”, also using phrases like “the audacity of the falsehoods in Mann’s court pleadings is breathtaking” and that it was “deeply disturbing that a plaintiff should make such fraudulent claims in his legal pleadings”

      Sums-up Team CAGW in a nutshell.

      Still, that one is in the paper-wrestling phase and the media is not yet interested.

  5. Regular people – “Those who refuse to study history are doomed to repeat it.”
    Climate alarmists – “Those that refuse to study history blame things on man made climate change.”

  6. lance says:

    don’t forget that a lot of this area is now covered in concrete instead of ground….so water will overwhelm the drainage

  7. ACR says:

    So this rainy weather event “fits global warming”. I wonder if any other weather observations can give us confirmation. Does Detroit’s temperature record this summer “fit global warming”, too?

  8. Eliza says:

    up to date video from CBN news the tide is turning at last.

  9. nielszoo says:

    So the City of Detroit, who is forced by union contract to still employ a union farrier in the Public Works department (yet they have no horses,) who cannot answer emergency 911 ambulance or police calls within 60 minutes, has more abandoned houses and buildings than occupied ones and has become a poster child, along with Chicago, for Third World quality of life here in the USA. Who is really surprised that the storm sewer system has not been properly maintained?

    • Glacierman says:

      The vast majority of the flooding occurred in Oakland and Macomb counties (both pretty affluent counties), which Detroit is not in. The systems in those areas are not maintained by City of Detroit. Detroit has tons of issues; there is not enough space on the internet to itemize them, but the flooding from this storm really didn’t have anything to do with system maintenance. There are a few examples of pump stations not working properly due to scrap theft, but just in a few local areas. The flooding was from the amount of runoff that happened in too short of a time and overwhelmed a system that was not designed for it. Communities do not pay to build systems to handle these types of outliers because it costs too much.

      By the way, there was flooding all over the northeast from this storm front. See:

      • Acres of Statuary says:

        I heard a guy from the state DOT say on the radio that the pumps for the underpasses, sites of the most spectacular flooding, were designed to handle a 10 year storm. This seems kind of weak, especially when a 100 year storm hits.

    • Acres of Statuary says:
      • nielszoo says:

        Yup, they are mostly ceremonial and are in the Police Department and not Public Works. The Public Works farrier doesn’t do the police horses, he’s there to do the ones that pull all the PW’s wagons.

  10. mkelly says:

    It was a cold front that caused the rain. Had it stayed warm no rain would have fallen.

  11. Glacierman says:

    He is a propagandist just doing his job. Plays well with the low information crowd.

  12. GregM says:

    According to NOAA, July 31st 1925 was the coldest high temperature on that date in history.

  13. Psalmon says:

    One other thing they left out, as a result of the rainfall, all Great Lakes including Michigan Huron are now above normal.

  14. norilsk says:

    Maybe it’s the new little ice age. Or just plain stuff happens.

  15. dbstealey says:

    Folks forget rainfall records. Here are some good ones:

  16. Justa Joe says:

    Shouldn’t some twerp from CNN cuss out Freedman and excoriate him with the climate isn’t weather rap?

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