Different Approaches To Problem Solving

Problem : Deranged teenager kills schoolchildren in Connecticut, as principal waits helplessly for someone with a gun to come save her and the children.

Conservative solution : Train the principal to use a semi-automatic rifle with a 40 round mag in her closet. One dead deranged teenager, lots of happy families opening Christmas presents in Connecticut. No propaganda value for people trying to destroy the US.

Progressive solution : Obama and Bloomberg work tirelessly to get hunters’ guns confiscated in the western US. Accomplishes nothing productive and doesn’t save any children – but victims are great for propaganda against the Bill of Rights.

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23 Responses to Different Approaches To Problem Solving

  1. mjc says:

    Funny how it is whenever they talk about school violence, shootings in particular, they always seem to leave off the fact that shootings at schools have been occuring since before the US was actually a country. I believe the first one was in 1764…


    • Gail Combs says:

      They also leave off the fact that often the kid has been force fed drugs by the school.

      OOOoooooh, interesting, the Citizens Commission on Human Rights International website has scrubbed the article…. Guess the UN didn’t approve. {:>D

      Violence in Schools? It’s the Prozac and Ritalin Stupid!
      By: Edited by: William Wong ND, Ph.D., Member World Sports Medicine Hall of Fame.

      Please read these three pieces on exactly why we are having a level of violence in our schools and colleges that is unprecedented; and guess what? It’s not due to guns, it’s not due to music, it’s not even due to video games – it’s the Prozac and the SSRI family of drugs coupled with the amphetamine Ritalin. Look at the statistics, read the names of which student was taking what drug during their attack of mania and decide to clean these snakes out of our kids lives!

      From the great Dr. Larry Wilson:
      by Lawrence Wilson, MD
      [you should read the stories]

      Here are the listed side effects for the drug:
      Ritalin Side effects

      Common Side Effects
      Nervousness including agitation, anxiety and irritability
      Trouble sleeping (insomnia)
      Decreased appetite
      Stomach ache
      Heart palpitations…

      Less Common Side Effects
      High blood pressure
      Rapid pulse rate (and other heart problems)
      Tolerance (constant need to raise the dose)
      Feelings of suspicion and paranoia
      Visual hallucinations (seeing things that are not there)

      Overdose Side Effects

      Methylphenidate drugs have been extensively abused. Extreme psychological dependence and severe social disability have resulted. Abuse of methylphenidate drugs may cause a sudden heart attack even in those with no signs of heart disease. Symptoms of overdose that require immediate medical assistance include:
      Panic states

      And schools are shoveling this crap down the throats of kids and prosecuting parents that object???
      Death from Ritalin

      • Tel says:

        Yeah, when you look at that James Holmes guy and his goggle eyes staring into space, no way was he straight. That dude was drugged out on something, that’s for sure!

      • _Jim says:

        … might be the absence of ‘recess’ periods, giving the kids a chance to burn off excess energy by running around …

        /only partial sarc

        • tom0mason says:

          Disliked by the lefty teachers (though self admitted soft-left politically himself [newpaper article many years ago so no refs.]) Edward de Bono has shown that by understanding the children that are being taught, by analysing their mental capacity, cognitive skill, etc., and their PERSONAL DIFFICULTIES then students could perform much better by application of simple rules.
          He has shown that children and teenagers require structured daily routines with a correct pattern of sleep and exercise daily, and a correct nutritional intake. And these routines form a responsible agreement between the class, the teachers, and the students. He’s shown the positive effects of giving children responsiblities as they wish to gain rights.
          He does not believe in medicating students, in fact he is very against drugs in general.
          He’s critical of most state applied modern education structures and methods. IMO he’s an enlightened eductionalist but he has many fierce critics.
          He written many books, he’s the fractured Wiki –

        • Gail Combs says:


          Now the kids are chauffeured from home to school and do not even have a 1/2 mile walk to take the edge off in the mornings. Plus the kids get candied cereal for breakfast instead of eggs, bacon and millk. And you now find candy and soda machines in the schools to go with the high starch/carb lunch.

          No exercise plus a sugar high plus bored out of their skulls by common core pap and they blame ADHD for over 16% of the kids bouncing off the walls?

          Take away all the sugar/carbs and run the heck out of the kids before school and mid day and you might have healthier calmer kids who do not get diabetes and heart disease in their thirties and forties.

      • pesce9991 says:

        This is a pretty absurd conclusion to draw that school shootings were caused by the medications, unless there has been professional (medical, psychiatric) diagnosis that can confirm it. The criminals often have a history of a mental disorder in the first place. How many school shootings are prevented because they are on prescription drugs? We do not know, but we should be asking that as well

        Medication such as Ritalin, and many other drugs are found to help many more people than harm them. Those that don’t are taken off the market. All drugs have side effects. Most people don’t experience them. When people are on medication, especially children, they are monitored by their doctors. Is there abuse? Absolutely.

        This idea of ‘force fed’ is ridiculous. It has to get by the parents who are increasingly wary of medications. This myopic view doesn’t consider street drugs or drug withdrawal.

        But primarily it assumes that the kid is OK otherwise if it just wasn’t those drugs they gave them. HORSE HOCKEY!

        • mjc says:

          Do you know what the second most common AD/.HD drug is…the alternative to Ritalin or the one given when it doesn’t work any longer?

          And here is something that should be an adequate link for you…


          In cases of foster care, there aren’t parents to ‘get by’…

        • cdquarles says:

          Not so much, fish. The actual numbers of kids who *might* need these harsh drugs is very small. Many of these kids are indeed being force-fed these things because it is easy to make an incorrect diagnosis even when properly trained to do it and that goes double when not so properly trained. There’s no way on God’s Green Earth that I’m going to agree that 3 to 5% of kids have ADHD, given how soft and malleable the criteria are. I might accept 0.5%

  2. Gail Combs says:

    Steve, my comment completely disappeared.

    Did Word Press eat it or just boot it into moderation?

  3. philjourdan says:

    Every solution proposed by liberals always deal with things that would have no effect with the problem that originated the action.

  4. Steve Case says:

    philjourdan said at 11:07 am
    Every solution proposed by liberals always deal with things that would have no effect with the problem that originated the action.

    They also propose grandiose solutions for issues that are not problems.

  5. Gail Combs says:

    The Fish did not even bother to read the references just saw that guns were not being blame so it HAD to be “pretty absurd conclusion to draw that school shootings were caused by the medications, unless there has been professional (medical, psychiatric) diagnosis that can confirm it.”

    FISH, read the darn links. THOSE ARE DOCTORS confirming there is a problem.

    This is from the mother of a boy in jail for murder after he went nuts from Paxil.

    What Parents Tell Us
    My 16-year-old son, Jared, was having a little trouble in school…. We told the doctor that we didn’t want him taking any drugs like Prozac. He put Jared on 20 mg of Paxil, which he said was nothing like Prozac. In actuality it is. It’s the same kind of drug, only stronger. …

    So he started taking the drugs.

    The change in Jared’s personality was immediate. The first day on the medication, he told me that he felt weird and jumpy. So I called the doctor and told him about my son’s symptoms. The doctor’s reply was that he gave Jared the smallest dose possible and that we should cut the pills in half. That is what I did….

    Jared’s weird behavior continued. He became aggressive, where he was normally very quiet and shy….

    Jared had a violent confrontation with a family friend. She had been married to my father at one time, and we spent a lot of time with her at family functions. He was pretty close to her, as they shared the same interests. She even turned him on to The Hobbit, the book series. They had the same kind of personality; she was kind of quiet, too.

    …. he and two other kids went to her house. They say they went to rob her, but they didn’t take anything. My son stabbed her to death. He stabbed her 61 times.

    There was nothing in Jared’s background or personality that would have given any indication that he had the capacity to commit such a brutal crime. No, that was not Jared. It was a totally different person. Everybody who knew Jared was in shock. We just couldn’t believe it happened….
    …And they’re of concern not just to the children and parents directly touched by individual diagnoses, but to society at large. Consider the Columbine massacre and the rash of other school shootings that have rocked this country recently. As the Washington Times Insight Magazine reports, “the common link in the high school shootings may be psychotropic drugs like Ritalin and Prozac.” For example, in 1998, 14-year-old Kip Kinkle killed his parents and then went on a shooting spree at his Springfield, Oregon, high school, killing two and injuring 22. He was being treated with Ritalin and Prozac. Then there was the15-year-old taking Ritalin who in 1999 wounded six classmates in Heritage High School in Georgia, and the 18-year-old who raped and murdered a 7-year-old girl in 1997, one week after starting to take Dexedrine. One can’t help but ask whether psychotropic drugs are dangerous not just to those taking them, but also, in some cases, to “innocent bystanders.”….

    What’s frightening is that this study documented a better than 6- percent rate of psychotic behavior in children taking stimulants at a time when 5 to 7 million children are now taking the stimulant Ritalin. Psychiatrists have known for decades that Ritalin can cause psychotic behavior. In 1975, psychiatrist Daniel Friedman wrote that Ritalin was one of five drugs that “produced psychotic reactions.” Even at low doses amphetamine-like drugs “may occasionally produce psychotic states, and such psychosis may be prolonged, resembling paranoid psychosis.” In fact, in 1973, psychiatrists were giving amphetamines to volunteers in order to observe their reactions. The reactions frightened researchers, who noted that several of the subjects expressed “a desire to kill” or to do something “bad or destructive.”[xxxix] Researchers concluded that there was a potential danger of impulsive murderous violence caused by amphetamine-induced psychosis.….

    A 1994 investigation into Prozac’s adverse effects on children, which looked at 659 children between the ages of 1 and 18, showed 1332 adverse reactions suffered by those children. These reactions included 34 deaths and 83 attempted suicides. Two five-year-old children committed suicide in 1992 while taking Prozac, and two four-year-old children attempted suicide while taking just 10 mg a day of the drug. It should be noted that Eli Lilly has stated that the drug was never intended for young children, but for those 18 and older….

    If you want more information there are pages of references at that link. (It is a very long article.)

    • pesce9991 says:

      I read the links, Gail. Unlike you, I am not persuaded by a Dr who has an overriding political agenda. Apparently, Dr Wilson uses anecdotal ‘evidence’ as his research. Naturally he hates Obama and defends the NRA which is I’m sure the reason you gravitate to him and the reason his ‘research’ can’t be trusted.

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