Four Months After Predicting The Demise Of Antarctic Sea Ice, NSIDC Experts Said They Predicted Record Ice All Along

Two years ago in June, Boulder experts predicted the demise of Penguins due to declining Antarctic Sea ice.

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June 20, 2012
BOULDER—A decline in the population of emperor penguins appears likely this century as climate change reduces the extent of Antarctic sea ice, according to a detailed projection published this week.

The study, led by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI), with co-authors from the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) and other organizations, focuses on a much-observed colony of emperor penguins in Terre Adélie, Antarctica. The authors conclude that the number of breeding pairs may fall by about 80 percent by 2100.

“The projected decreases in sea ice may fundamentally alter the Antarctic environment in ways that threaten this population of penguins,” says NCAR scientist Marika Holland, a co-author of the study.

Also co-authoring the study were Christophe Barbraud and Henri Weimerskirch of the Centre d’Etudes Biologiques de Chizé, in France, and Mark Serreze of the National Snow and Ice Data Center in the United States.

Emperor penguins threatened by Antarctic sea ice loss | UCAR – University Corporation for Atmospheric Research

Four months later, Boulder scientists said they predicted the record Antarctic sea ice all along.

Oct. 10, 2012 5:48 PM EDT

Antarctic sea ice hit a record 7.51 million square miles in September.

“A warming world can have complex and sometimes surprising consequences,” researcher Ted Maksym said this week from an Australian research vessel surrounded by Antarctic sea ice. He is with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts.

Many experts agree. Ted Scambos of the National Snow and Ice Data Center in Colorado adds: “It sounds counterintuitive, but the Antarctic is part of the warming as well.”

And on a third continent, David Vaughan of the British Antarctic Survey says that yes, what’s happening in Antarctica bears the fingerprints of man-made climate change.

Experts: Global warming means more Antarctic ice

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25 Responses to Four Months After Predicting The Demise Of Antarctic Sea Ice, NSIDC Experts Said They Predicted Record Ice All Along

  1. cg says:

    Reblogged this on Catholic Glasses and commented:
    Boulder Experts have proven that they are Charlatan’s!

  2. SteveO says:

    That is assinine. It is amazing how well that works on the public.

  3. Truthseeker says:

    “It sounds counterintuitive, but the Antarctic is part of the warming as well.”

    It does not sound “counterintuitive”, it sounds like lying …

  4. kentclizbe says:

    The utter arrogance of these fraudsters is breath-taking.
    Normal-Americans just pay attention to these pronouncements half-way–assuming that “scientists” are honorable. They don’t notice the shifting panic-points. They just panic on command!
    But the scammers in the media are doing the heavy-lifting. It is very, very difficult for a real journalist to not do minimal fact-checking and shoot down the second article. (or pretty much any “global warming” article)
    You are our last best hope.
    Thanks !

  5. mjc says:

    BTW…the penguin thing was total BS. Yeah, there was a decline…because the numbnuts interrupted the breeding season to band the damn things.

  6. tom0mason says:

    Not to be outdone in the ‘my ice loss is greater than yours’ stakes NASA issued a statement back in May this year saying which was widely misquoted across all media –

    According to a study released Monday, warm ocean currents and geographic peculiarities have helped kick off a chain reaction at the Amundsen Sea-area glaciers, melting them faster than previously realized and pushing them “past the point of no return,” NASA glaciologist Eric Rignot told reporters.

    continuing with –

    The United Nations’ most recent climate change report estimated sea levels could rise from about 1 foot to 3 feet by 2100. Such a rise could displace tens of millions of people from coastal areas around the world.
    Anandakrishnan said the U.N. estimate largely didn’t take into account the melting ice sheet from west Antarctica, because few studies for that area had been completed.
    “So as this paper and others come out, the (U.N.) numbers for 2100 will almost certainly” lean closer to 3 feet, he said.

    More Antarctic see ice, less Arctic ice, hmmmm…

    Its the magic 3 feet rise again – see

  7. Greg says:

    More ice, less ice, what’s the difference? You know perfectly well there is nothing that takes place in a climate that carbon didn’t cause.

  8. Cheshirered says:

    “It sounds counterintuitive, but the Antarctic is part of the warming as well.”

    Amazing how they think employing the weasel word ‘counterintuitive’ gets them out of jail . They have been humiliated by observations totally exposing their incorrect predictions, yet don’t have the professionalism or decency to admit when they’ve been busted.

    PS Just scrolled through and Truthseeker is onto it, too.

  9. philjourdan says:

    Yea, there is a drag queen on another forum that says the reason for the extent is that the ice is MELTING off of Antarctica and then freezing in the sea. So the center of Antarctica is warmer than the surrounding area (he dismisses the volcanic activity of course).

  10. Psalmon says:

    We aren’t “super sophisticated” enough to understand this nuance.

  11. Dave N says:

    “A warming world can have complex and sometimes surprising consequences..”

    Translation: “we have absolutely no clue what will happen”

  12. Jason Calley says:

    Imagine a consortium of palm readers. The first tells you that “you will come into some money!” The second tells you, “someone will take your money!” The third says, “You will have an excellent love life!” The fourth tells you, “Your girlfriend will leave you!” And so on… This is so-called “climate science.” No matter what happens they will claim that they predicted it.


  13. Hugh K says:

    In other news; A rise in global warming funding is projected to cause a demise in good science.

    “That’s the good thing about being president: I can do anything I want.” Barack Obama
    “I’m not going to have some reporters pawing through our papers. We are the president.” Hillary Clinton

  14. Steve, is it possible to graph the year-by-year temperature data from July to June? The January to December graphs divide Northern Hemisphere winters into separate years, which means NH summers have the greatest impact on any given year.

  15. kirkmyers says:

    These climate witch doctors are no better than crystal-ball gazers, Tarot card readers, and palm readers. There are storefront psychics who have a better track record than they do. They managed to stay employed by giving their political bosses the answers they demand.

  16. rishrac says:

    “A warming world can have complex and sometimes surprising consequences,”

    Is that why they were crying about the collapse of the ice and dramatically rising sea levels? In the category of ” We Can Have It Both Ways”, were the AGW’s predictions wrong? They have some pretty elaborate explanations as to crisis warming of the poles. (on file and in arguments) So is the AGW community divided on the outcome and predictions of global warming? Did some of them think or go on record as saying that sea ice levels would increase? And if one is a disaster (no ice) and then what is the other (more ice)? How does a warming world cause it to be colder? … It comes down to the math between whether the heat is released or retained when latent heat is released from water vapor. It should have stopped snowing, per the AGW’s math, awhile ago. If you buy the AGW’s math, then yes, every disaster that they predicted, should have or be in the process of happening. There is something wrong with their math, seriously.

    I am still mystified as to how every prediction they made could be wrong. The odds of that happening are, among so many intelligent people, astronomical.

    • mjc says:

      Simple…they aren’t predictions. Everything they’ve said is going to happen, that hasn’t, isn’t based on reality, but rather a skewed, homogenized, twisted, manipulated version of some of the factors controlling climate. In other words, they are just making wild guesses based on not enough information.

      • rishrac says:

        A wild guess among many would yield a correct result at least once. Or a shaman breaking bones, it’s going to give you a correct answer sometimes… (as it turned out, more often than not) . If AGW is what passes for science, something is very wrong. We can go back to seers and get more accurate predictions.

        • mjc says:

          In some cases, seers had a better track record…because the best of them were very observant students of the humans around them and made their prophecies based on that knowledge. Now, the so-called climate scientists disdain actual observational data and prefer some sort of computer generated data (bears about as much resemblence to real data as ‘processed cheese food’ bears a resemblence to real cheese). Couple that ‘data’ with incomplete knowledge (being fixated on CO2 has blinded them to almost any other possibilities) and you can quickly see that it is going to take a very large number of ‘guesses’ to even get one right…

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