If Barack Obama Had A Son …..

After the Trayvon Martin shooting, President Obama told us that his opinion about the case was based on the color of his skin.

In March of 2012, Obama would step in it again. Before all the facts were known, the president injected race into the Trayvon Martin shooting. “If I had a son,” Obama said. “He would look like Trayvon.”

Ferguson: Obama’s a Deer In the Headlights – And That’s a Good Thing

Displaying some constructive leadership in Ferguson would not have been hard for President Obama. As civil unrest bubbled up (we all saw it coming early last week before the death of Robin Williams consumed the news cycle for 36 hours), all he had to do was get in front of the obvious: Come off the golf course, put on a suit and tie, and reassure everyone that his Justice Department is already working to get to the bottom of the Michael Brown shooting.

Naturally, Obama didn’t do this.

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20 Responses to If Barack Obama Had A Son …..

  1. philjourdan says:

    If Obama had a son, I would actually feel sorry for the poor kid.

  2. omnologos says:

    When he promised change he never said it would not have been for the worse

  3. Paul in Sweden says:

    I have a dream that one day we live in a nation where violent criminals will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

  4. nielszoo says:

    “If Barak Obama was a Leader…”

    oops… oxymoron.

  5. Latitude says:

    This is nothing more than racial blackmail….

  6. mjc says:

    There iis only one race…human.

  7. Scott says:

    Its all about politics, its hard to imagine the rioting over this 6’4″ goon, but the elections are coming up and Missouri is a republican state.

    There wasnt even a pic of the kid at 14 available, and the robbery video seemed to make many even more furious, if that is possible. Strange world…..

  8. KTM says:

    I watch COPS Reloaded from time to time, which show these sorts of confrontations all the time. Two nights ago a police officer was patrolling an area where a bar fight had been reported, worried that people were heading home to get guns. He saw two guys walking down the side of the street (not on the sidewalk), and asked them where they were headed. They took off running, and they were eventually apprehended. One guy had a machine gun stuffed down his pants and dropped a fully loaded clip as he ran.

    Now imagine if instead of taking off running away, they had run at the police car, punched the officer in the face blowing out his eye socket, reached for the officer’s gun and had a round discharge in that closed space? I really don’t understand what people are protesting, and I have never really understood it, frankly. Protesting and looting isn’t going to bring this man back to life. When Cliven Bundy was a news story, a lot of people on the right were asking if this was the guy that people should be getting behind. There was a real worry that some of the details of his protests and some of his statements and some of his political beliefs did not reflect maintstream conservative thought. Is Mike Brown and the details surrounding this confrontation really something that the left wants to get behind? Do they want this guy as the face of their movement?

  9. Les Johnson says:

    I suspect that some previous democrats in Ferguson, are now GOP. At least two….


  10. Traitor In Chief says:

    The biggest problem is that the media began running the story told by Mike’s friend. In his version, they were essentially two choir boys walking home from church and Mike was murdered in cold blood as he begged with his hands up.

    This kid was a hothead, much like Trayvon. And he had just strong armed a store owner. He may well have thought the cop was stopping because the robbery had been called in.

    What actually happened is probably not exactly what either side has claimed. It surely happened fast. I think the officer is clear on the initial altercation and shot fired. Now it’s going to come down to every single move when Brown turned around and moved toward the officer. The cop says Brown was taunting him when he spun around.

    The friend said both that Mikes hands were up, and at another point that he was “getting down”

    The shot in his eye was stated by the coroner to travel downward in his face coming back out out the jaw if I recall. Then he was hit in the top of the head. This would be consistent with him leaning forward, possibly with his hands out to “get on the ground”.

    But this is the thing: This guy had just tried to take the gun, ran, stopped, turned, taunted?, and then moved forward. If he changed his mind and went to get down, everything is happening fast, and shots can be on their way to you as you move.

    It will be interesting to learn what information they got from all the witnesses.

  11. Traitor In Chief says:

    Unarmed white kid shot and killed by police in SLC?

  12. Chip Bennett says:

    Coincidentally, the throwing of those gang signs involves placing arms out in front of the body, sort of right in front of center mass.

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