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I didn’t get through my whole ICCC presentation because I ran out of time, but here is the complete presentation. I plan to do a video slide show too at some point.


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  1. omanuel says:

    Thank you, Tony, for all of you efforts to restore contact with reality to our deeply troubled society.

    Your opponents got a sixty-nine year head start, but truth is on your side.


    • omanuel says:

      If you stay spiritually strong and avoid the ego-driven illusion of control, you can help TRUTH defeat the power-hungry tyrants who seized control of society in August 1945 to save the world and themselves from nuclear annihilation.

      Who? The name changes but the power-hungry personalities remains the same: Probably the list includes the names of Joseph Stalin, Henry Kissinger, Maurice Strong, etc. and all their political puppets.

      Our President is far down on the totem pole, but doing an important job for them now.

    • Dmh says:


  2. Kent Clizbe says:


    You can turn your slides into an online presentation using Brainshark. It is free for minimal usage (3 to 5 presentations?).

    Much easier for users to view. You can add voice-over, too. You can also upload the Brainshark presentation to Youtube.

  3. Kent Clizbe says:

    Please check out this website. Finally, the PC-Progressives are revealing the fundamental roots of the “Global Warming” attacks on the Normal-American economy.

    “This Changes Everything
    Capitalism vs. the Climate”

    • True, perhaps without “finally”.

      They declared “Delenda Est Carthago” against the American experiment before they saddled up the global warming pony.

      And the principle will survive the pony.

  4. catweazle666 says:

    Good stuff, Steve.

    However, I think you ought to include reference to at least one peer reviewed paper concerning the ice age scare of the 1970s, as – primarily as a result of the revisionist activities of the egregious Wikipedia vandal “Stoat” Connolly – there appears to be a misconception propagated by Warmists that no serious scientist actually believed in it and it was purely a product of the alarmist tabloid press. I use this one, as it was not only published by one of the major Warmists, but used a model from no less than James Hansen.

    Schneider S. & Rasool S., “Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide and Aerosols – Effects of Large Increases on Global Climate”, Science, vol.173, 9 July 1971, p.138-141

    This bit is particularly intriguing, as it demonstrates the assessment of climate sensitivity at that period due to CO2 alone, with none of the added positive feedbacks so necessary to the whole CAGW delusion.

    We report here on the first results of a calculation in which separate estimates were made of the effects on global temperature of large increases in the amount of CO2 and dust in the atmosphere. It is found that even an increase by a factor of 8 in the amount of CO2, which is highly unlikely in the next several thousand years, will produce an increase in the surface temperature of less than 2 deg. K.

    • So the 1971 level of atmospheric CO2 would be expected–in their view, not mine–to increase the surface temperature by less than 0.25 K (1/8 of 2 K). But the long-term stability of the temperature–due to all “forcings”, over the last 1,000 years at least, is already +/- 0.5 K (see here, and here), which should have been enough to tell any competent scientist (but not anyone with the miniscule stature of a present-day climate scientist) that CO2 has no effect whatsoever (less than half of the “noise” of the long-term natural variability). In reality, though, even their most basic theory, of radiative transfer, is wrong, since my 2010 Venus/Earth temperature comparison shows that, even at 96.5% CO2 on Venus (2400 times the Earth level of atmospheric CO2), there is no greenhouse effect at all.

      • geran says:

        Harry says: “…CO2 has no effect whatsoever…”

        Harry says: “In reality, though, even their most basic theory, of radiative transfer, is wrong…”

  5. Hans Conser says:

    Thanks for this!

  6. tom0mason says:

    Excellent set of slides. Well done! The last slide is very fitting.

  7. Eric Simpson says:

    Excellent. Outstanding really. Hopefully you can make the entire presentation when you have enough time and no technical issues. Readers should bookmark this and show the pdf presentation to any warmists we may know.

    Like I think I could show it to my warmist brother. The only possible negative is that I was thinking he might object that there’s no evidence or data backing some of the charts. So it’s a big drawback that I can’t click through to the underlying data or to a fuller description of the basis for the charts or graphs.

  8. Gail Combs says:


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