No Change Since 1977 Means Change

Right on the heels of California declaring a state of emergency over wildfires on Saturday, the Obama Administration has released a video linking the blazes to climate change

A few days ago, the U.S. Drought Monitor released new data showing California is in the most severe state of drought ever recorded since the monitor began keeping track in 1999, and may well outpace the state’s landmark drought of the 1970s.

White House Chief Science Adviser: Wildfires Are Linked To Climate Change | ThinkProgress

To the morons in the White House, a similar climate to 1977 means the climate has changed.

In 1977, Governor Moonbeam warned of a global cooling drought disaster. This year he warns of a global warming drought disaster.

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The climate of 1977 was very similar to 2014.  California and Alaska were warm and dry, while it was snowing in Florida.


The Lewiston Journal – Google News Archive Search


I was in Boston on New Years Day 1977, and it was one of the worst winters they ever had. The snow was piled up five feet deep on the edge of the roads. Very similar to 2014.

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The summer of 1977 brought a massive fire to Bandelier National Monument in New Mexico, which burned up most of the park. I was working at a remote LANL site less than half a mile from the monument and watched the park get consumed for two weeks. (They wouldn’t let civilians volunteer to fight the fire.)

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The only thing that has changed since 1977, is that the climate scamsters have changed the name from global cooling to global warming.

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14 Responses to No Change Since 1977 Means Change

  1. Chompville says:

    Some of the story can be found from channel C25 right up through channel TTS (tropospheric heights/temperatures).

  2. Chompville says:

    Another part of the story can be found in the -35 to -45 degree temperatures around the USA right now.

  3. jdseanjd says:

    Billionaire’s Club covertly funding “Green” Scam, senate study finds :

    & is stealing $360 billion pa of taxpayer funds worldwide to fund the “Green” scare.
    Population control freak Bill Gates front & centre.
    Should be dynamite.

  4. My grandmother and grandfather lost their house to the great Bel Air fire of 1961.

    Must have been global cooling, since there aren’t usually any fires in California.

  5. Jason Calley says:

    Perhaps the funniest part is the Think Progress headline: “California Is Now Experiencing Its Most Severe Drought Ever Recorded” Most average readers would see the headline and think, “Wow! The worst drought ever!” But if you read the article it says, (as you quote above), “The U.S. Drought Monitor, which began issuing drought reports in 1999, showed that the majority of the state is now in the worst category of drought conditions.”

    1999?! Not 1899. Not even 1959. 1999! Why don’t they say something more indicative of the truth? How about a headline that reads, “California Is Now Experiencing Its Most Severe Drought Since Movie ‘Fight Club’ Was Released!”

  6. Don B says:

    As of August 6, 2014, California’s Lake Shasta contained 1,519,242 acre-feet, which is more than twice what it contained on the same date in 1977.

  7. Phil Jones says:

    Huff Po and others are linking everything to Climate Change…. This time it’s Ebola….

    How irresponsible?? Spreading fear, hysteria and lies… With NO basis in fact… Much of the MSM follows suit. It’s obvious that Mankind thrives in a warmer environment… In addition this piece makes no attempt to go back and look at previous plagues which wiped out millions… When CO2 was well below 400ppm….

    I encourage folks here to post responses to the Climate Change section over at Huff Po and other places…. Refute this garbage…

  8. Rosco says:

    Here in SE Queensland 1977 marked a noticeable shift in weather patterns.

    I remember the winter as cold for us but overall the year was markedly dry – especially after the wet years around the 1974 floods and cyclones.

    I also remember a lack of our spring thinderstorms thereafter and more rain in winters for much of the 80’s than was usual.

    I found 1977 an odd year.

  9. Brian H says:

    Apparently only Goldilocks weather will do. Anything else and CA. is d-o-o-o-omed!

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