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  1. 1957chev says:

    Mother Nature is a climate skeptic!! LOL!

  2. tom0mason says:

    Gaia what have you done?

  3. DedaEda says:

    Mother nature is behind that vast right wing conspiracy

  4. hifast says:

    Mr. Heller you get at A for your work. You have properly documented and sourced your data. I repeated your results with the GISS data. –Confirmed.

    GISS gets an F for losing data, failing to show their work, and providing no specific justification for their modifications to the data for this station. However, I welcome the chance to review their detailed, data point by data point reasoning for GISS modifications going from this data:

    GHCN V2 :

    to this:

    GHCN V3:

    So, GISS: Please explain each and every change made to this data base. The broad application of your “standard” adjustments is not a satisfactory answer. Also, explain why and how so much data in v3 is now missing.

  5. James Anderson says:

    These people have no shame.

    Atlantic slows warming, temperature rises seen resuming from 2030: study
    Reuters By Alister Doyle
    5 minutes ago

    By Alister Doyle

    OSLO,(Reuters) – The Atlantic Ocean has masked global warming this century by soaking up vast amounts of heat from the atmosphere in a shift likely to reverse from around 2030 and spur fast temperature rises, scientists said.

    The theory is the latest explanation for a slowdown in the pace of warming at the Earth’s surface since about 1998 that has puzzled experts because it conflicts with rising greenhouse gas emissions, especially from emerging economies led by China.

  6. Eric says:

    Here’s a link to Iceland’s meteorological institute, they have their own numbers:

    Too late, too tired to feed in the numbers to Excel…

  7. jst1 says:

    Better to keep the negative consequences in the out years.

  8. bleakhouses says:

    2030? 15 years from now, using my intricate modeling methods I can ascertain from that data that the average age of climate scientists is 47 years old.

    • nielszoo says:

      Based projections of purely observational data I’ve ascertained that 97% of those 47 year old climate scientists earned or will earn grades in their university Statistics classes which place them in the lowest quintile between the football players and gender studies majors.


    Read the comments. The comments on Yahoo articles are running about 97% against AGW these days. Nobody believes it anymore.

  10. B says:

    Meanwhile in Canada, mounds of last winter’s snow have yet to melt.

    y however has confusing tweets from march. So I found this one to make sure it is around in august:

  11. Dmh says:

    Look how ridiculously different the following two graphs are:
    NORSEX: death spiral is doing great thanks,
    DMI, showing the estimate for Aug. 21 (one day after NORSEX) and still above 2013,
    Having in sight the absurd graph NORSEX did for 2008- with all those absurd oscillations in April/May- I guess they’re just screwing things up again.
    Their graph makes no sense.

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