Smoking Guns Of Climate Fraud At The US Government

NOAA and NASA say that Earth is the hottest on record, yet the amount of sea ice on Earth is the highest since 1996, and the sixth highest on record. Polar amplification is a fundamental tenet of global warming theory, which means the people putting out this propaganda are defrauding the public.

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The other fundamental tenet of global warming theory is that the mid-troposphere will warm faster than the surface. Satellites show that the lower to mid-troposphere was much warmer during other years, so once again another smoking gun of fraud at NOAA/NASA.

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6 Responses to Smoking Guns Of Climate Fraud At The US Government

  1. Not to mention that the wild swings in the data above are nothing to base science upon, much less a rational governmental “climate policy”. It’s all insane.

  2. harleyrider1978 says:

    Did the WHITEHOUSE just SURRENDER on the WAR on SMOKERS or what!

  3. harleyrider1978 says:

    It appears all the Chirades of the left of unraveled and the end of the Green movement is at hand!

    Did the WHITEHOUSE just SURRENDER on the WAR on SMOKERS or what!


  4. Keitho says:

    It happened in world fisheries too.

  5. Herve D says:

    We initially thaught that Global Warming scam was initiated 25 years ago by excited scientists in need of promotion. Is reveals itself wrong: This GW scam was provoked by politicians to invent a new pretexte to rise taxes to an unprecedented level, with international binding laws to prevent unsynchronized elections (in many countries) to stop the move.
    Politicians and Bankers, because to put money in their pockets, politicians need capital investments and 20-year cash cow.

  6. Herve D says:

    HALT ! We shall refuse the deception from Greens politically moving their scam from “Global Warming” to “climate change”. This political change shows they know that their scientific 95% certitude about tempertaure rise is the Scam of Two Centuries.
    Viva el Global Warming !!!

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