Understanding Google

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Google started out with a good, fast, sleek product, and gradually turned it into a slow, complex resource hog.

Google has become Microsoft.

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47 Responses to Understanding Google

  1. ozspeaksup says:

    googles poison.
    Ixquick is so much nicer, no ads no crap and no invasion of privacy either :_)

  2. philjourdan says:

    I agree. Chrome use to be fast, but has bogged down. The explanation is simple enough. When introduced it was all new code – from the ground up. But as each new version is released, the old code stays, and new code is added. That is why it is called bloatware. Microsoft gets the rap only because it has been around the longest (Netscape did a total rewrite around the turn of the century, so that is why they are not as bloated yet).

  3. BallBounces says:

    Google is becoming the Michael Mann of browsers. (Can I say that without getting sued?)

  4. Anto says:

    I remember when Google started as a bunch of servers patched together, barely able to keep up with the traffic. Their claim to fame was their search algorithms, which were much better than the Lycos, Yahoo, Webcrawler, etc. at the time.

    Now, they’re like Microsoft. People use them (myself included) because they have the name. What else do you use? Yahoo? Bing? Pah!

  5. norilsk says:

    I use Mozilla Firefox. It’s a full feature browser where I can find everything, readily bookmarking, searching history, and prining and saving things. Chrome and Explorer are alternates. I love Google maps and Streetview.

    • Eric Barnes says:

      FireFox is better with noscript http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NoScript . Seeing how much you are tracked is rather appalling. Noscript allows you to control when and if you are tracked through javascript.

      • jeremyp99 says:

        As does the Ghostery extension. Mr. Goddard has six trackers unto us poor saps :-)- courtesy of WordPress, I would imagine.

        Hey Steve – Chelsea got United’s annual bye into the KO stage eh? Whilst City for the fourth year in a row get the hardest group. Hmmm. Odd that Champions aren’t top seeds in the Champions League it seems to me

        • nielszoo says:

          You’re getting two of those from somewhere else ’cause my Ghostery lists only four; three widgets and one analytic… and one of the widgets is Gravitar that adds the avatar for WordPress comments.

        • jeremyp99 says:

          Five today, one of which for whatever reason is “Facebook Social Graph”.

    • bkivey says:

      Worked a computer consulting job for 2 1/2 years that required Firefox. I liked it. Became my browser of choice. Over the last six months I’ve found that Firefox cannot handle scripts. Chrome can, but is slow.

  6. Mat Helm says:

    I’m pretty sure he means chrome. And yes it has become a recourse hog. But that’s because it’s become an OS. Hence the “chrome books”. You need an app called “The great suspender”, which suspends tabs of your choosing after a time of your choosing. Also has a white list for those tabs you do not wish to be included. I now have 3 times the tabs open than ever before…


    • Mat Helm says:

      btw I also find it helpful to keep the chrome task manager open and sorted by memory. 3 hotdogs (top right corner “settings” type button)/Tools/Task Manager.

      Certain sites can really load up the memory after a time. So I “end process” for that tab and get the “He’s dead Jim” message. Then click the reload button….

    • Anto says:

      They’re all dogs these days. Mozilla’s plug-in container is like a paralytically drunk driver – crashing every few blocks.

  7. EternalOptimist says:

    Dont log into Chrome Tony. If you do, make sure you understand google chrome sync

  8. norilsk says:

    A good feature is Adblock Plus to eliminate those annoying ads.

  9. dp says:

    I have a http proxy server on my home network and the first entry in the access control list is google.com (there are a lot of other google domains listed, too). I’m this >< close to adding gmail to my email server blacklist. I'm also compiling a list of IP address blocks used by google so they can be banned at the front door. It's the only way to be sure they "do no evil".

  10. Brad says:

    I use Palemoon as my browser. Comodo is another good one.

  11. Firefox is wrecked too. It used to be fantastic and was almost rendered useless at version 23 (at least for me). It’s slowly being fixed. I still use 22 at work, it’s the only one that doesn’t crash all the time. Sync is awesome and the main reason I still hang with it.

    • norilsk says:

      I have Firefox 31.0 with the old location bar (some might call it address bar). It works flawlessly. I also maintain the menu bar to readily get to different features. Near the top right corner, I have a search bar with a down arrow to choose different search engines.

  12. Eliza says:

    Plus google supports the AGW agenda.

  13. northernont says:

    Its all the tracking and user generated ad software google employs. It slows down the whole of the web wherever it is used by sites.

  14. norilsk says:

    When I search a subject with Google, the results are already there before I’ve clicked on search. It’s displayed in a fraction of a second.

    You’re server and location can make a huge difference. I live in a small town three blocks from the exchange building. The closer you are to the exchange building the faster you’re service will be. My son, a computer expert, says that Cayuga must have a large trunk line. It’s like having a light car with a big engine. My server is Bell Canada. The telephone was invented just up the river from me in Brantford, Ontario.

  15. Tel says:

    Mozilla went the same way… then people took the core of Mozilla, shaved it down to make it lean and called it “Firefox”.

    Then Firefox got bloated, and people stopped using Firefox and went over to Chrome.

  16. duke1959 says:

    Google has done many things right, done some things not so right. Their browser kicks the others arses. I can’t remember the last time I had to “update” Chrome. With Explorer, it became a daily chore. Mozilla tried, but in my assessment, failed. God I wish I would have bought Google shares at $85.00 IPO. I was using them at the time but couldn’t see/didn’t have the means for a meaningful investment. And to be honest, I still don’t know how they make money, cuz as much as I use them, no actual dollar has left my pocket.

  17. bkivey says:

    “Google started out with a good, fast, sleek product, and gradually turned it into a slow, complex resource hog.”

    Concur. But it’s a human thing. We’re the antithesis of the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

  18. brockway32 says:

    Why it reminds me of Google maps. I used to be able to put in a place and have a map rendered too quickly for me to bother timing it. Now I put in a place and a get 70% screen coverage with all the extra stuff, and it takes 5 minutes to get to where I can control zoom. Don’t get me wrong, I like that extra stuff too. But is it no longer possible to just render the map?

    It’s like the Peter Principle for websites…improved to maximum un-usability.

  19. DEEBEE says:

    It was rumored that Bill Gates in the 80s wanted to become the IBM of software. It has — a company that does not innovate but does Borg-ian stuff. Well Google has to follow. All of them do in the quest for size.

  20. annieoakley says:

    Are Firefox and Mozilla the same ?

  21. Guy Flaneur says:

    Did someone say Tracking? Install Ghostery and you will be astounded at what is tracking your every move, and why. http:www.ghostery.com

    Do no evil. Sure.

  22. pa32r says:

    “All of them do in the quest for size.” Yes, but that’s an effect, not a cause. The cause is “maximizing shareholder value.” To the institutional shareholders and hedge funds, this means increasing the earnings per share in the next 10Q and thereby increasing share price. If any strategic decision is made that can be characterized as detrimental to that, some manner of shareholder action ensues. Maximizing EPS on the next 10Q involves increasing revenue (ads), decreasing (or at least slowing the rate of increase) of costs and buying out or squashing any competition. Yes, it’s a somewhat simplified version of the situation, but it captures the main points.

    The result is what you see. The decrepitude of the search engine is only one reason to criticize (not to say hate) Google. I used to use Google Notebooks, Google Reader, iGoogle – all are gone now because Google needs to try to get me on the awful Google+.

  23. tom0mason says:

    That is why I default to ‘DuckDuck Go’, a excellent meta search engine, that uses google and bing but does not track you and has very few adverts.

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