Understanding The Hockey Stick

In 1904, the Northwest Passage was open – near the bottom of the hockey stick.

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ScreenHunter_2130 Aug. 20 06.33

FRANCE HONORS AMUNDSEN. – Explorer Says Northwest Passage Is Not Practicable for Trade. – View Article – NYTimes.com

According to our impeccably honest friends at NOAA and NASA, this summer has been the hottest ever in the Northern Hemisphere – and the Northwest Passage is closed.

ScreenHunter_2123 Aug. 20 05.46

CMMBCTCA.gif (2200×1700)

It all makes perfect sense if you are a climate expert, or have the IQ of a turnip. But I repeat myself.

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11 Responses to Understanding The Hockey Stick

  1. philjourdan says:

    If we get any more warmth, I am going to have to abandon shorts in the summer!

  2. nielszoo says:

    I too am hoping that the kids next door at NASA are right. If their “warming” trend continues on its current track maybe my electric bill will stay the same… since lowering my A/C usage will offset the government cause spike in my electric bill. At least increased electric rates can be properly blamed on Climate Change™.

  3. Cornelius says:

    I have the IQ of a turnip, and I deeply resent the comparison to climate scientists.

  4. copernicus34 says:

    Why doesn’t Plait understand his own graph (of CO2 increases)? Why won’t someone of scientific integrity ask: if CO2 atmospheric levels increased at a steady rate and the amount of CO2 levels humans have generated increased exponentially, then why doesn’t the graph showing atmospheric levels reflect an ever increasing amount of CO2 going into the atmosphere?


    • They say the Ocean absorbs it.. hence Ocean Acidification is happening .. caused by humans… and of course we are lucky that the great forests absorb much of it.. but mankind is tearing down forests… this will exacerbate the situation if say more of the Amazon/Brazil Rainforests are cut down.. replaced by future McDonald’s burgers in the form of Methane blowing cattle…

  5. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:
    Yes you do repeat yourself … lol

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