US Temperatures Being Adjusted Upwards At 3.6 Degrees Per Century

The US has been cooling for the past century. This doesn’t fit the global warming narrative, so NOAA is applying a spectacular hockey stick of adjustments to turn a cooling trend into a warming trend. Since 1997, they are trying to hide the decline in temperatures by adjusting measured temperatures upwards at a very impressive rate of 3.6 degrees per century.



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19 Responses to US Temperatures Being Adjusted Upwards At 3.6 Degrees Per Century

  1. I looked at the data myself and found this binomial formula matches NASA’s 1900s data tampering with a near-perfect .99 r value:

    y = 0.000114×2 – 0.009185x + 0.097729

    The right end of the line extended into the 2000s equates to over half a degree of warming in 2013 and makes 2012 dwarf the ’20s and ’30s. But just looking at the 1900s, the temperature delta from greatest adjustment down to greatest adjustment up is .53 degrees, or 90 percent of NASA’s reported per-century warming.

  2. Dan W. says:

    Remind us again, why is the professional community of “skeptics” so reticent to explore this issue? It is understandable why the climate fraudsters ignore it. But should not the question of data tampering be front and center in any debate about the “science”?

    • philjourdan says:

      Some want to beat them with their own numbers. Which they are doing.

    • Brad says:

      Good question Dan W. Tony does great work but I’m afraid there is an echo chamber of sorts. The CAGW narrative is propagated and fueled by the “consensus”. I hate to say it but the work done by Tony, Paul Homewood and others are regarded as gnats buzzing the ear of an elephant. The press don’t care and they have an agenda to make the world a “better” place. The news is no longer about the news, reporters have morphed into world changers. No disrespect to Tony, it’s just the way the world turns in this day and age.

      • This has been reported by papers all over the world, and has brought as many as 200,000 page views to this blog per day during the past month.

        • Brad says:

          Agreed. But so far it has not made that much of a difference in the conversation. I re post your blog an a Facebook page. My sincere hope is that it will make front page news in the NYT, CNN, NBC and all major news outlets. As of yet, I have not seen that happen. The narrative of all major news outlets is that CAGW is real and we are headed down the road to ruin. I’m with you Tony. I’m just impatient.

        • Why would the co-conspirators report their own crimes?

        • Brad says:

          Co-conspirators is correct.

        • We have to stand on principle:

          The media do have a Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.

  3. Will we ever be able to retrieve the true data when the shit hits the fan and the government is called out on the fraudulent adjustments?

    • Shazaam says:

      Governments and their agencies lie. Period. It’s less obvious than pointing guns at the people to control them.

      Still, after that fan has been cleaned off, I’m not sure anyone with the IQ greater than a fence post (or government employees, but I repeat myself) will believe anything the government proclaims.

      The credibility damage will persist for nearly a generation.

      • nielszoo says:

        Even if we “fixed” all that damage today it would persist for far more than a generation due to the intrenched Progressives in public “education.” Getting real teachers to teach factual information is going to be extremely difficult. We’ve got to start by eliminating the bureaucracy along with the teacher’s unions who stand to lose both power and money if they no longer control the narrative that man is evil and must be controlled by government otherwise he will kill off the planet. Huge pieces of the educational system need to be eliminated wholesale. I got a much better education in public school before the federal Department of Education even existed. Why do we need it? It only exists to perpetuate the lies that need to be shoved into the young through indoctrination. Maybe we get rid of the entire federal apparatus… what next. The lies are in every textbook and lesson plan in every single subject. All of the history has been re-written and, as we’re learning more and more, original factual data is being purposely destroyed. Having watched it evolve for decades I’m not sure what you do. It’s like trying to empty a huge bowl of Jell-O™ with chop sticks. It’s gonna take a lot of people that are dedicated to truth a long, long time to get this garbage out of the system.

        • Shazaam says:

          You are absolutely correct that the “progressive” myth is nurtured by the public school system. Along with the “never question authority” indoctrination.

          And yet, that education system is falling apart in the progressive’s hands. No matter how much tax money is poured into the public education rat hole, the results keep getting worse.

          And like the CAGW myth, the public at large is noticing that all is not well with the educational system as it currently exists.

          The teachers unions oppose any reforms so fiercely that people will just choose to educate their children elsewhere. Thus, there is large increase in home schooling, and coupled with internet instruction, that seems to be the wave of the future.

          The hope lies outside of government “solutions”. And the public is catching on to that.

        • philjourdan says:

          “never question authority” indoctrination.

          Kind of ironic when you think about it (if you are my age). The whole modern socialist movement was an outgrowth of the fleabag hippies, who yelled never trust authority.

          The worm turns when they get the power.

  4. Brian H says:

    The gov’t and unions form part of one massive groupthink, which is vicious towards doubters and independents.

  5. Streetcred says:

    Can we identify whom exactly it is within these organisations, the ‘managers’ and the peons, making the ‘adjustments’ and then focus on their individual actions in perpetuating the fraud? Isolate them from the safety of the ‘herd’.

    • mjc says:

      From reading through piles of technobureaubabble, it seems like the adjustments are on ‘auto-pilot’. So, at this point, I don’t think there is a person or group that can be singled out as ‘responsible’, it’s been institutionalized and it pervades all the policies and procedures. And if one, at some point, is brought before a committee or judge, that person will only be the sacrificial lamb.

      I’ve got pine trees, know how to make pine tar and I have chickens…we could start with all that and work our way through the whole lot of them.

  6. cdquarles says:

    Steve/Tony, your raw data link points to your .gif. Please fix it, thanks.

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