How NASA Fraudsters Quadrupled Sea Level Rise

In 1982, NASA reported sea level rising 1.0 mm/year (less than 4 inches per century) from 1880 to 1980, and nearly flat after 1950. Their published graph showed less than 0.9 mm/year.


NASA has since increased 1880-1980 sea level rise rates by 60% to six inches per century.


Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet: Sea Level

The overlay below shows how NASA has altered their 1880-1980 tide gauge data over the past 30 years, and wiped out the post-1950 hiatus


But six inches per century isn’t very scary either, so they switched measurement systems and added on 0.3 mm/year for a completely fraudulent tampering, called the Global Isostatic Adjustment (GIA) – which has absolutely nothing to do with the measurement of sea surface height.


These are incredibly cynical fraudsters, who expect you to believe that sea level rise doubled coincident with them changing measurement systems. And to hide their malfeasance, they simply stopped showing tide gauge data after 1994 – which would wreck their claim.


Then they send this fully fraudulent data out to their useful idiot friends in the press, who are happy to parrot it.


Sea Level Rise — National Geographic

Make no mistake about it, government climate change science is the biggest fraud in history.

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5 Responses to How NASA Fraudsters Quadrupled Sea Level Rise

  1. Ross says:

    Little typo in the first para, Tony –I think you mean to say 0.9mm not 9 mm.

  2. timo soren says:

    GIA aka Glacial Isostatic Adjustment is all about the fact that the ocean basins expansion vs the land mass rebound are not balanced yet from the last ice age. That leads to a -.3mm/year change in sea level rise (with an error of almost 60% or -.48mm- -.12mm/yr.)
    So in their mind of minds, they are trying to calculate how this number would be used to calculate the increase volume of sea water. And yes Tony, THAT has nothing to do with Sea Level and should NOT be added to sea level (or subtracted). In fact, since these two tectonic motions will continue for easily 5,000 more years. All future Sea Level changes should ALWAYS have .3 SUBSTRACTED from their results never added, as the GIA is lowering the tide gauges, (IF the sea level is being calculated solely on models. sea volume and ice melt/freeze but not if tide gauges are being used!)

  3. Rud Istvan says:

    Timo, you are at least partly right. GIA influences the ocean water volume, not the sea level volume consequence to shorelines (SLR). Whether SLR is positive or negative depends on what one thinks is happening with plate techtonics and glacial isostatic rebounds, plus what the local land level may be doing. All of which are definitely NOT known to the purported level of precision.

  4. JB says:

    And Obama screws Congress on Climate Changelining up with the Pope and all his other Gteen Turd Friends destroying Western Civilization.
    And nothing happens.

  5. WB says:

    I can’t make head or tail of Tony’s graphs in this post. In on of them, zero doesn’t align with zero. And in another he hasn’t even bothered to put in x axis identifier or y axis identifier.

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