Lest We Forget – Not All Muslims Are Terrorists

Their culture contributes much to Europe, and deserves mention.



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11 Responses to Lest We Forget – Not All Muslims Are Terrorists

  1. Stargazer says:

    Islam is the Spawn of Satan!

    • Dorian says:


      Islam is not the enemy, nor are Muslims. The real enemy, is greed, arrogance, bigotry and prejudice. I have no problem with Muslims, many are good people. Target your hatred towards those idiots and thugs in government who think they can go around the world stealing from other nations by propping up tyrants and dictators. We wouldn’t have this mess we are in now, if it weren’t for the stupid decision for creating countries that should never have existed, like Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Jordan, and to a much lesser extent Syria. It didn’t help matters that the world reneged on the Palestinians, either.

      Now that they have found a direct link between those bombing Paris and Syria, the foolish French are going to bomb Syria…but which Syria? ISIS? or Assad? If they bomb ISIS, they help the Russians. If they bomb Assad, they could start a Word War!

      And knowing how the French think, they aren’t the greatest in prudency, just look at WWI and WWII, we are in serious trouble. Once again, the world is on the verge on a possible World War, and this time it could be with Russia, and once again, the French are involved.

      God have mercy on all our souls….the future salvation of the planet is now in French hands. I hope Putin shows more wisdom than the French.

      This is what happens when you elect morons….WAR.

      • Paul Homewood says:

        Dont be so pathetic.

        They have been murdering each other for long enough.

        And remember that when we set up Iraq etc, it was after we had liberated them from the murderous muslim Ottomans.

        • Ross says:

          I think that is where some of today’s problems come from –countries in the ME were set up by effectively drawing lines on a map and not really taking into account the different religions / ancient tribes involved.

          • Charles says:

            Ross: Actually the British Cartographers were extremely careful where they drew the lines. They wanted to assure constant chaos so they drew the lines to divide ethnic groups and also combine fractured opposing ethnic groups together into a single countries so that they would be constantly fighting each other and we wouldn’t have to worry about them.


      • Wyguy says:

        Oh my, Dorian is off the meds again.

      • Stargazer says:

        I don’t hate Muslims. I hate their behavior. Their behavior as a group is demonic. Islam was birthed in violence (read the Qur’an… I did, in detail, including Islamic scholar commentary) and continues to exist and grow by violence. It would have died out centuries ago if that were not so. Sad but true.

      • rw says:

        Tell this to the Hindus in India (who lost one of the great classical civilizations in the Islamic conquest – and who still lose their female children year in and year out through kidnapping), or the Armenians, or the Yazidis, or the christians in northern Nigeria, or the Copts in Egypt, or the christian Ethiopians, etc. etc. And remember, Allah sanctions all of this.

  2. dmacleo says:

    as time goes on I see less and less proof that islam is compatible with any other society.
    it pains me to admit that as the ramifications are pretty bad.

  3. Wm Childs says:

    Shouldn’t your statement “Their culture contributes much…” be restated as
    ‘Their culture contributed much…’

  4. Wm Childs says:

    Shouldn’t your statement that
    “Their culture contributes much…”
    be restated as:
    ‘Their culture contributed much…’

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