The Threat Of CO2 To Paris

Muslims comprise  150,000 PPM of Paris population, compared to 400 PPM harmless, essential CO2 in their air.

Governments are focusing billions of dollars on saving Paris from the CO2, while working to increase the numbers of Muslims. The Paris Summit will have one of the largest carbon footprints of any meeting in history.

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2 Responses to The Threat Of CO2 To Paris

  1. Dorian says:

    Paris also now has one of the highest incidences of terrorism in history too! I guess to a global warmer, that correlation means causation! Well that’s the way they think isn’t it? So to a Global Warmer, less Muslims less global warming?

    Just stirring the pot. Personally, I really do believe less global warming advocates means less global warming. Ok, I wont push that idea any further…but it was an entertaining thought.

  2. GeologyJim says:

    Obama told his doofus Director of NASA that his primary objective should be “to make Muslims feel good about themselves” regarding the rich Islamic history in astronomy and mathematics

    So I expect the NASA delegation to Paris to stay home and relinquish their posh hotel rooms, their free food soirees (that’s French, ya know), and their seats at the tables to discuss wealth redistribution – starting with the NASA budget – to any “Allahu akbar”-shouting Muslims who might just be loitering about.

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