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Surface Temperatures Falling At The Fastest Rate In 60 Years

Even NASA’s fake temperatures show that Earth cooled 0.35C over the past two months, the largest two month drop since 1955. Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs

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Heatwave Junk Science Pushes Past An Extremely Common Threshold

The Washington Post is pushing their record heatwave junk science today, ignoring all actual temperature data. How global warming may push the Southwest heatwave past an extremely rare threshold – The Washington Post Actual thermometer data from Arizona shows that … Continue reading

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Obama Calls For Gun Confiscation

“To disarm the people…is the most effectual way to enslave them.” – George Mason  June 14, 1788 Barack Hussein Obama used the 96th Islamic terror attack of the last 12 days as his latest excuse to attempt gun confiscation. When … Continue reading

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